Lyrics: Ca-one – You Dey Yarn

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Money no get mouth but to me na. Him dey yarn pass
I call the shot other rappers are by pass
Dey loose cos every time me i rhyme tight
Theirs is just a mixtape buh me wan use this one pay my tight

Stuck to ma song cos you got it on replay
Steve ass rappers see dem see dem wondering what the way
And ma music is for the man in you»» london
If you don’t get that you need a last man uniform

Small yahoo change dey your hand you feel say you don arrive
Before your bank chase start to pay my transfers don dey drive
That thing no dey pay again na to wire be the light
Yaba left flows buh am heading for the right

Buh am all about the money
If you owe me e no funny
Tell me something different
The cartoon go ril telletubies
Shey na psp get that rubbish
Wey dey commot from your mouth
Today you go know say maltina no be stout

Love your neighbor as yourself..buh i only love ma momsy
Blood in ma eye na dark shades no dey make you see
You fit nack me for your place buh no just pass my area
Sk dey there hand and there leg na to come your burial

My papa na pastor buh ma church na there stage
Dem talk say i beast who come commot me for cage
You love me buh many people hate
Cos i dey pop ( ) from deuces to paige

Like radio bad belle wan dey run their mouth
Excuse me who na who no know say allen get round about
Talking about the industry there’s nothing you can tell me
I wan enter that door daddy showkey

Buh i keep it lowkey whenever me i pass by
Coded attitudes got me feeling like a bad guy
Am on your top 5 banging on your hi fi
Am the reason why keke and d1 are on prime time

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