Lyrics: Cah Megga – M.E.G.G.A.

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10 beats…check 1, check 2 haha haha

None o these niggaz hold it down like I do
So its only right that I gets †he crown, the title huh
You drop a verse, am putting down the *****
Any beat, I do the “killing myself”…how suicidal huh
Spit the truth when I hit d booth
My hits is proof, split the roof when am with the troops
I’ll “spit the shit” if you lock up my ass
I took the exams on the roof, so I graduated top of my class
Here, top up my glass, let’s have a toast to that
And you can come wif the drama cos I choose to act
This loads of wack, is niggaz that am spose to clap
But am….gunning for the top, aint no holster can holds the gat
Y’all behind a gee, like the letter F
I’ll have an elevator for you niggaz even “get to step”
To have to match this, you have to practice
Cos am problem to thes kids….call me mathematics uuhn

M!! miraculously blessed for the kill
To the E!! Endowed wif exceptional skills
G!! Gifted
G!! Great
A!! Always on top so please don’t hate let’s go!!

People wan know, who get this flow
Who ßε̲̣ that boy Wey ready to blow…..they all wanna know

Am sleek with lines, deep with ryhmes
I let a nigga hit decline, when I reach the prime
Ever wondered why they all gon ditch the nine?
Am bulletproof, save ur nine for like a stitch in time uhn
To watch me move, yall need extra eyes
Wanna put ur feet in my shoes boy check the size
And I going no where am the next ta rise
So take ur patience to the gym and get it “exercised”
Say the mice gotta run, when big cats come out ta play
Cos I bring d end o the week(weak) like a Saturday
So, whatchu gotta say? Stay the f**k outta way
If rap was a bridge, I “crossed over”……Hardaway
Am getting paid, its f**k a Bill like Monica…Lewinsky
Stepping to Cahmegga is risky
Am in ur hood and they say “yes boss!!”
So don’t play games wif ur life, mothaf**ker get an x-box


Its the C-A-H to the M to †he E to the G-G-A…..uhn
Its the C-A-H *scratch* M to the E to the G-G-A
Its the C-A-H to the M to †he E to the G-G-A *scratch*
Its the C-A-H *scratch* from the M to the E to the G-G-A

Get to rappers for they get to clap us
Cos like a pair o trousers Amma f**king threat to (w)rappers
Aint tracking time but I got titrax (tight tracks) like that
And am “dropping bombs in the game” like am cyrax
Still pose, kill foes wif my ill flows
As my skill grows, my points get easy like they free throws
So let ur head bop to this
And don’t take shots at ur nigga cos you bound to miss wooow!!!



(( OUTRO ))
Yeah! The Cahmegga ! Clonamatique on the mix…you bout to witness greatness! I said..

To the E!

And am coming!!!

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