Lyrics: Carter Don Makaveli – Scornful Past

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Everybody should have known
Since the story have been told
When the world didn’t want me
Yeah my life wasn’t gold but to my path I stayed bold
And the world still detest me
For what it’s worth I’m gonna stay Happy
‘Cause my mistakes don’t define me
God bless the family…

Verse 1:
We can only be thankful and grateful for how far we have come through
It was not easy but at least we scaled through
So in this new year
I pray for everybody that success will never be far from you
As I journey on this imperfection thread
Coming up those dirty years
See, I used to be that dude that bed-wet till I was 19
Picture the scene
Everytime I’m walking down the hood
Everybody pointing at me saying “YEAH THAT’S THE DUDE”
it was so obscene
Then mama left
It left me shattered
I was a disgrace to the quarter
Then I got affiliated just in search for power
Sold my soul to the devil
All of me he devoured
And I’m saying sorry to that girl in Oyo state in ’08
And till this day i’m still sorry for the damage we did to you that night
You never deserved it and nothing can justify my actions
Now my lungs pay for those actions
I hope I shine in the light of God ’cause the past was really scornful

Verse 2:
I really never meant to do it
And there’s a certain line you don’t cross
But look at me I crossed it
I was really lonely
All I had was the smoke, alcohol and dirty pills that held me
And I knew God but I never meant to live for him
And love was the only thing that was far from me
And my family was nothing to write about
It was filled with agony
So different girls every night just to fill the vacuum
See I blamed some on God
Blamed it on the streets
Blamed it on the Fam
But never blamed it all on me
I was a bright student
Straight As
Most likely to succeed
But when T’anyeo left this world
Then came the war
I was the first to bleed
Rest in peace Dawg
Shine the light on me
this is not a song to impress but to express how the glory was taken from me
And to Akeelah, just know that my heart still wish the best for you
I love you regardless
And to the rest of the world
Be proud of what you have become
‘Cause victory will surely be yours

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