Lyrics: Carterson – Deaf (Remix)

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Tryna make my money pounce up, ply up
what you hate on, i dont really got a time for
when you fuckup with my bars on
ama punch your bars on your face
thats the shit
no lies on..Shits happens,
yeah i got a toilet
you wanna fuck with me mehn, you should try my toy first
am just tryna make my money bounce
but you niggas frown
thats the ‘f’ shit you niggas do all the time
So i fly on
yes am the shit, no shit animals but you niggas wanna lie on (Lion) me
blaze on. you really wanna flame on?
sitting on the beat, thats my shit flip.. You should case on, famz on..
Fake niggas gonna die tonight
got a hard cock, hoes gon die tonight

*check it*
you niggas wanna flip bomb
sing song
but you barely eat so you bring none
Carterson Eva, we gonna step there..
Sitting on the wall mehn i know
we gon scared them
i make the MIC-ROLL-SOFT (microsoft) like a system
spitting dead bars, mehn you know i got a system??

*check it*
am about to blaze on you boy
you wanna f on.. While i blaze on you boy..
chai.. I know am gonna get there.. Its never gonna END THERE (ENDIA)
like a grip boy. Whatsup!

I don’t care how you do your shit
I’m just sad
Cause you sure don’t do it like this
So what you saying
I don’t think that you really know
Wa n bi na
Do you know me
Am the one like the two fronting
Please tell me what you’re doing for me
Now Hold on, hold on
Mi fun won leti
Mi fun won leti
Mi fun won leti
Hold on, hold on
Mi fun won leti
Mi fun won leti
Mi fun won leti

Haters, they know we gon fly through
too bad, ugly shit like bance too
when we kicking that fight
they spitting punchlines while we spitting rocklines
king talk? Can i get my thing stalked? Stinking on my jeans on
Killing err’beat on
shits on
when you get a big bruise.. Ama take a smile and check the f time on my g-shock
shits rocks
steady making more cheeses helping myself.. I dont really gotta please

*check it*
i got this one for my dad too
keep going, they gon hate too
i really wanna give out all my pride
what you’ve been feeling me inside
i really wanna pass.. Thanks
getting all my price Tagged
hating on my pass rank
killing err’ bar rack
hating on ma..
Cheating on ma..
Slicking on ma.. Pass racks
Rick rag!

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