Lyrics: Che – Music Makes Me High

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Mirror man, mirror man,

With my tan, with my hand, in my land

I understand that you are me and what I see is what I be

So can it be that this intensity can be in me so brightly

This clarity, are these my eyes, these shinning skies

That vapourize enimity and gravity

And keep me free and set me High

Astride the sky and I cry and I smile and I ride

And I do what I do, feeling cool, feeling good

And the heat of the beat get my feet off their feet

And my blood is a hot drum drumming hot-done

When I’m singing my thing in my ring like a king

When I’m up on the top of my hiphop prop

And I’m full of the pull of the rule of the never-cooling heat

Of the never-dying beat, it’s plain to see (that)


I’m already high (I’m already high)

Music makes me high (Music makes me high)

I’m already high (I’m already high)

Music makes me high (Music makes me high)


The more you drink, the more you sink, the less you think

The more you dope, the more you grope, the less you cope

The more you smoke, the choke’s on you and the joke’s on you

The less you spoke, the better for you

So let me be, I’m not with you, I don’t need you

I’m doing fine in my own line

Got my shine, got my dreams, my inner lightbeam

I will redeem, will not dim

Away like a day at the end of a day

I will stay, I will play, celebrate, light my fate

No to drugs, no to thugs, no to bugs, no to cogs,

No to fear in the air, no to hate in the state

No to things people cling to to bring them a sting

I will smile, I will style, I will fly, will get by

With the heart at the start as my chart, inner part,

I will say to the scoffers and the mockers and the doubters


I’m already high (I’m already high)

Music makes me high (Music makes me high)

I’m already high (I’m already high)

Music makes me high (Music makes me high)


Already high… (already high) – 3x

Already high…


Don’t need no fumes, don’t need no pills

Don’t need to crap that lifts then kills

Don’t need no title, need no fakes

Don’t need no lie that gives then takes

I’m high on life, high on love

High on justice, high on trust

High on spirituality, high on friendship

High on things that never end…

Weyhei, I’m already high…

Wohou, I’m already high…

Come on give it to me – Music makes me high…

I’m already high……………….





I’m already high

Music makes me high

I’m already high

Music makes me high

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  • Good Music, different from others. Glad you don't follow the bandwagon..

    Chuby C'Merije November 2, 2015 7:19 pm

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