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Wetin i gain for this life after the very day i die…word
Profit oriented people..the street calling.. The street keep calling
Sons and daughters of the street kip your head up….
No matter how it is we gonna make it some day …..
Profit oriented people baby…..
Pidfin flow ambassador.. Cjmama

Verse 1
I be idol for the west evendoe i no dey sing song
South south nigga that’s where i come from
Situation ugly like the dread of domtom
If life is a bitch i no mind use condom
For the street everybody just dey bend face
Trouble hook man for throat like say na necklace
Gunshots everybody on a rat race
Stil the men make babies multiply tuface
Food no go dey but we dey ball with style
The rich getting richer cus their money still dey pile
I look to my people for their face no smile
I wan call government but no number to dial
Special dedication a song for my nation
Militancy omor e don turn occupation
Mr senator can’t even give us solution
Instead their pocket fat like momodu ovation
So kush all day feeling like the most high
Sometimes i just laugh even when i suppose cry
Hustle no fit kill man truth no lie
Cjmama stay fly cus the pocket never dry

You should never argue wit a crazy man ma mamamama…3x
You already know by now..
Hustle no fit kill man…
Hustle fit kill man
Hustle hustle no fit
Hustle hustle no fit
Hustle hustle no fit
Hustle no fit kill man

Verse 2
This na the testimony i get for my lips everyday
How man go take survive any means anyway
Before i mould my destiny i need the marry clay
And if success dey for market how much i go pay
Boys for the street just dey shout head burn
The rain don too fall when the men go see the sun
Welcome to that place where the rich dey fear the poor
Every body equal but your safety no sure
Omor cane your line well if you f dem go tear you
Army wan shoot we dey scream we double you
This place no good if you good dem go spoil you
If you be stone no vex dem go boil you
Cus boys toh bad dey binu dey para
Because of no money small girls dey choo gala
And my president is black
My governor is black my
My senator all of them are black
Even their heart their conscience
Everything is black so it’s all black everything
Everything is black
So i no dey vex when i experience black out

You should never argue with a crazy man mamamama….2x
You should never argue
You should you should
You should never argue wit a crazy man
You already know by now

Justee on the beat
Cadilly baby…it’s your boy cjmama
Pidgin flow ambassador baby
Your werey still dey wear pampers…

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