Lyrics: COD – Grateful ft. Wordy, FIF, Twain

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Dope instrumental
Words for your mental
I’m grateful
Gotta let it out

[Verse 1] Yeah
For forever I am grateful
Lessons from the days I was hateful
Breakthrough from them chains
Hanging with the fake dudes
Pretenders, spinning me in lies with the blenders
Outcome, love juice, ‘cause I throw my hands high
Surrender to the Most High
Hustle while I stay fly
Long run says it pays to be Mr. Nice Guy
Heads high, Elohim changed how my faith looks
How my face looks
Check my Facebook
Depression finds you no matter where you run to
Shame bites you when your past finds you
But if you’re faithful to whom you should give your faith to
Then you get another chance, take 2!
Another chance another dance
Mood so bright you can tell in a glance
No chance but the beauty of grace
Before I drove into a wall, hit the brakes
Calls I made that would have misled, He pressed red
Mess blessed, I am a blessed mess!
Sum on death row for eternal timeout
Some in pain’s pit hoping they could climb out
Enjoying what I don’t deserve so I’m thankful
If I ain’t, then I’m dumber than ten fools
I wouldn’t mind being the last on ten queues
Just to tell my God “Thank you!”
] [Verse 2 (FIF)
I remember being a fool once
Miseducated so you could call me the school dunce
Been aggravated, miscalculated my coupons
Recalibrated, now I behave like a true son
It’s true, son!

No be you after you don chop belle full
Na im you go remember say you wan bless your food
I’ve been there too
I was scared to
Admit to myself that I didn’t really deserve you
And your mercy and grace
Plenty of days
I would wake up way before day would break
With nothing to say
And the nights when I would stay awake when everyone else would lay prostrate, dreaming of greatness

I’m still a great mess
But you take this
Pile of ashes
Set me on fire, make me blaze and
Take my life, make it amazing
Eternity really more than a mere statement?
I’ll take it!

Forever looking like you plus me
Equal to why I’m grateful: you love me
You’ve done things when I’ve done dumb stuff and wrong stuff
To make me so sure that you run things

Now one thing on my mind when I got my plate full
I give thanks to God, who, who made food
And I’m wise to the fact that I should be grateful
To the one who called everything that he made, good

[Verse 3 (Twain)] I’m grateful
Oh Lord, I’m grateful
Thank God, I’m grateful
I’m grateful

Shoulda been dead by now
Talkin’ bout conclusions I should jump right now
Cameras on but I ain’t acting right on
Always on but ain’t playing right now
Niggas die everyday
Ain’t no time to run away
Y’all gotta know this kid doesn’t play
Watching over us so I’m tryna dedicate
My every single day
I’m grateful and that’s real
It’s more than what I feel
I could jump the gate for that bill
But it won’t change the way that I feel
So I stay fly anyway
Ain’t got time to while anyway
Give it all up to Jah everyday
How can I lose when He won every day?
He won every day
And that’s for every single day
I’m about to ride through the hood every day
With my new girl by my side every day
Funny how she funny everyday
I’m grateful and that’s real
It’s more than what I feel
I could jump the gate for that bill
But it won’t change the way that I feel
I’m grateful

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