Lyrics: Conxeptz – Fuji Garbage

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Na only this kind style I dey give for free o
Any other style
Na pay lon san
Many dey dance azonto
Many people don dey dance kukere
Many people don dance yahooze
But this time na apala fuji garbage
As per
You know as e dey go na
O funny but no be joke na
Many requests from California
We give them dey take, dey tax yowa
Same dance wey dey make my brain wan dey touch
In short, my jeans don dey fall
E dey make old woman dey kiss me for club
While business man no wan pick him call
**** ni
Mi o ba won kalo
Wo wo wobi
Shey mo ro mi sinu carton
I be like teddy bear wey dey for your parlor
Awon eleya
Ki leyin da mo

Oga ade gbe agbara le
Ko shey normal
Ko shey normal
Oga ade gbe agbara le
Ko shey normal
A better ko shey normal

No no concrete
Na we be pillar
Those two boys
Are the sick flows killer
Awa o kola
Mark wa o tribal
A shey ori bi agbon but ko to ti Obinna
Oya pay me what you owe me
Dami lohun
Emi o n ta oja mi lawin
Flows mi n gbe eyan lo bi tsunami
So no dey show yourself like tv tv tv
Nna mehn
Big man no dey shout o
You want make I talk
No be say I dey form
But one thing
You no go fit close my mouth
E go be like say I dey prison my guy
Shey normal
You dey ask for connect
You dey ask me say my gain na to let
Your papa
Na me you wan dey select
Oloshi o tun yo ikun leke
You dey watch you dey laugh
No be joke oh
As I dey so
I no dey scope o
That girl she dey look
She wan dey toast oh
O lohun ma die lori mi bi ludo
Fi le
Bi olopa shey mi ko de deru ba won
Like omo ghetto a ti fi oje je won
Bo side, fi scope gba iyawo wan
Dey com dey halla dey borrow
I don forget oh
For your face
I be like obama
Your girlfriend sef know say I be bad man
Oya **** Nelson Mandela
For South Africa
My song them dey hear am
Ask putashi you know as e dey go
Them dey dance our song from Bariga to Sango
Mushin, Itaoluwo, Ikeja, Ogijo
I think **** don forget oh
Ah why you stop am na
Ok I never forget say I don
I beg na bring am

Engineer gbe agbara le
Oga shey normal
Shey normal
Ogbeni gbe agbara le
Shey normal jo
Bo shey n ran shan mo beat
Oya shey normal jo
Oya lets go, lets go
Whine kololo
E dey do me like say I don jogodo
No be sepe o
But ogogoro..haha
Una remember that one
Oya I like this kind thing wey you dey do
Advance-less level make you dey do
Esteem gangan ni baba onilu
Ere lawa shey lale yi
E ni sun

Yeah yeah
Singing mood activated
I wan do am for you
Like say na the latest
E gbe aga
Oya e joko
Shey e ti ready
E shey normal
Ok, producer duro na
You dey kanju
You dey rush
Ki le gbe le ina
Your beat dey sa re
And my flows dey run
All the girls still dey chase me like marathon
Meditation wait
Meditation, uh uh ok
Meditation, ok wait
Meditation, for this kind mood
No temptation
I give you
You take am; you buy and you bury
The nairas, the pounds, and dollars
Oya shey normal jo
Shey na there I go enter
He no go talk again
Na wetin dey vex me be that
Ara nba da o
Owo ni o je
Supra lori agbada o
Ah ah yee yee
Aye mi ehn
Ehn kilo shey aye e
Ode shey normal jo
Je ka ma lo le

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  • conxeptz sing this song not olamide.

    conxeptz fi scope gba iyawo won,dem con dey holla dey para. i don forget o

    whyzwon August 14, 2013 11:48 am
  • Only few fan and bloggers knows that is not olamide,this track was drop last year as i heard the story that the track was rename to Olamide by some bloggers and some pats were cut from the song wich is there signature , but sister BUKIE continue dpromo cos dey wort it, think you can get more about this young blood brothers by typing there group name (conxeptz) on google

    Cynthia August 14, 2013 5:47 pm
    • Thanks for bringing this to my notice. I also was under the impression and from all i could find that it was a song by Olamide. I have updated the post accordingly. Thanks!

      Bukie August 15, 2013 1:23 am
  • As i heard This conxeptz are teenage talented rappers,dey droped d song fuji garbage as a freestyle,but so surprisin wen difrnt blogers ar casting it as olamide.well d truth is cleared nw cos olamide has denied it.but dis guys also participated in cabasa freestyle battle which dey murdered it nd cabasa comfirmed it..dont reli knw much abt dem but dey ar my humble twitter frnds. sister BUKIE,to help dis young humble boyz wil lyk u 2 get more of dr songs on google 2 comfirm dat dis guys call CONXEPTZ ar hot nd coming soon 2 blow up…thankz….your glory will not b given to someone else 0oooo

    Oluwakemi August 15, 2013 8:30 am
  • My spouse and i get pleasure from, cause I stumbled upon just what I used to be looking intended for. You’ve ended my four evening long quest! Goodness Thanks a lot guy. Use a terrific day time. Cya

    online webcam girl August 16, 2013 12:09 am
  • Jahblez you guys for ur support,pls do not take @olamide_ybnl as a bad greedy dude, he knows nothing abt dis as he tweet, bloggers pick up fuji garbage from the link we share and renamed it and cut our names n slangs which stand as conxeptz signature,b4 casting it to order bloggers. Bt still fanking jesus dat sum of dis blogs are nw correcting and supporting d m0vement. CONXEPTZ is d name we try to m0ve nt beef. #big 6ta BUKIE we sighted….wink

    @his_abdulmarlyk conxeptz August 16, 2013 4:41 pm
  • Pls @abdumarlyk…ar u d Own dis Song:Horror Film n its Remix

    GOLD August 18, 2013 6:22 pm
    • Yes,they are @6ta bukie kudos 2 u

      Sag-boi October 17, 2013 4:18 am
  • I neva blv wen Sum1 told me in a club, it cause a very big Argument las week friday Unfortnaly Ntwk was bad if nt yest9t dat I ask google b4 I we Agree…. Conxept Kudos 2 U, U guys ar 9much

    @ LECKY.Tee January 8, 2014 2:09 am
  • As i listen to the music i tel ma bro dat diz is nt olamide bt he arque wit me xo we chek it in google bt surprisinly dey also ryt olamide den…bt tanx 2 u all nd tanx big sis@bukie to let me knw d truth nd 2 kip ma bro mouth shut….i sight u….am #NIGGA-KAY#

    taiwo June 26, 2015 9:24 am
  • Throughly,d guys tried,dy realy murda d jamz,tot as much cox Olamide my baba no dy do dx typ. Bt all d samr; d guys tried alot.

    Rhemy November 1, 2015 10:37 am

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