Lyrics: Crystle Gee – That’s Wassup ft. TeddyRallyx

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titles=Dats Wassup Ft. TeddyRallyX]

Verse 1:
I’m a yoruba boi like a lakan
I been a convict, no akon
Hard ass nigga #Acorn
Horny fly guy #Unicorn
I no be Tingo, but I sabi as d Tin go
Money over every f*cking thin that’s my lingo
So ‘F*ck Or F*ck Off’ be my Motto
That’s da reason why I walk around with a FOFO
Yeah.. more kicks than a Dojo
Blast 4rm da past and I still got my mojo
I want that cutie with da heavy duty booty
Imma stick it in her nd give her that sticky icky
Yuh came with him n ur leaving with me
Cuz really unlike me u never cum with him
But really tho… wtf’s wrong with him
Ugly ass niqqa lukin like a chimp

Keep on giving me giving me overdose
How do u expect me to be composed
Babygurl go down low (that’s wassup) x2
Ur so into it lyk reggae tone
Making me making me high lyk Alomo
Babygurl go down low (that’s wassup) x2
Lemme see u just
Go go go go go Girl (That’s Wassup) x4

Verse 2:
Bahd man me ah give it to u double
See me come thru gurl I’m nuffin but trouble
Gurl ur looking sexy and ur friend too.
I wanna ride both of ya’ll. #Gen2
I no be naeto c me I no gentle
Imma ruff ryder kinda like Jin too
I no be olu but gurl I dey maintain
So be Nawti and come chop dis plantain
I say mo gbono feli feli I dey burn
I no be Pelli but I’ll turn u on
I’m crossing niggas out like “X and O”
I’m where da future meets da past like techs nd bows
They all fake niggas, made in china
I’m da real deal just google me ma
Beat that pussy up I’m a feline bully
Truly how can one man be so unruly


Gurl u so serious like an erection problem
Obviously only u can solve it
See that look on ur face
Girl u make my blood Circulate

See I been around da world, seen alotta places
F*cked alotta gurls Jizzed on they faces
Black gurls white sperm nigga I’m a racist best at wat I do cuz I stick to da basics
Plus, I’m an insane nigga
Started off as a rapper might turn to a singer
Or Put on leather pants nd turn to a rockstar
With long hair, don’t care, give da world a middle finger


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