Lyrics: Curdy – Curdy Up2

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Curdy, Curdy, fada
Am your mutunmina, Apple of your eye
A like your retina, ay,
I been calling on Allah,
I must to go hajj for madina, checking my folio,
I been killing the flows,
Stronger than polio, am in love with the koko
My loving is long baby come check out my dogo
Ama give you my manure, no time for postenor
Hit you kpanghana, take you to Ghana, you chop am like banku
When you in Abuja, I track you for giri, i track you for gudu
There’s no need for fubu, your loving is big, ion put it in mudu
The quickie like noodles, I hit it I giggle
I told her am single, I get it in plurals
Hands on your girdle, I stay in the middle
The flow is in SS, last time I checked it was sickle

But the way you rock, you scatter my head oh
I don’t know what to do
Ion know what to do
And the way you dey move, wen you dey enter your cruise, yay!
I don’t know what to do
Ion know what to do

Am digging your package,
I ride you for long I ain’t checking the mileage
I took her for dinner, we looking as timid
She know we both came from the village
Like hallucinations, you screwing my mind
When we look at each other
I mean you’re my vision
If we all dint need money, you wulda been my ambition
I told you my mission, getting the doh it’s my only decision
Now am reaching decisions, I give you my heart and I know
I’ll be fvcking my vision
I dey sing, I dey rap oh
Oya see the confusion
But then that’s the fusion, then that’s the vision
I bring it together and that’s just the future

But the way you rock you dey scatter my head oh
I don’t know what to do
I don’t know what to do
And the way you move when you dey enter your cruise, mogbe!
I don’t know what to do
Ion know what to do

To love you is legal
But kpanshing is always illegal
Early for morning, when we dey do the illegal
E be like for morning oh, the sontin it’s legal
As you give me resistance, you feel the persistence
I hit from the left and i stroke to the right
I stay in the middle to cover the distance
I know my formation, you know when I want it
There’s no need to question, the d!ck is on standing ovation
I gave you all the kopnomi, as you are drinking the potion
Oya hold me paulina, as you are feeling the motion
I show her the pictures, her body is bliss
And its looking delicious
The timing is right, baby you think that am vicious
We making a movie, and maybe you think that am fictious

Curdy up on this oh…Fada

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