Lyrics: Curdy – Lettin U Go

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Oyeah yeah..
Letting you go(x8)
Letting you go…
Looking back and am scared if i let you go,
It keeps spinning like a mary-go ohh.. Letting you go, letting you go baby

The picture all blurred tonightthe memory gone tonight
Look am sitting and i was wondering if am still on earth
Cos its feeling all cold tonight .. Yeah
Ladies everyday she dies the looks all weird errday she cries
Boys stay on point, it shows why we can’t move to another point ohh
Glassglows, cockcrows,. Can’t think of anything if not clothes
Can’t work with anything except hoes
Can we get it over with can we let go
I could think of only you just standing there
And in my mind.. And in my heart.
Girl its your world in there

I could hear them calling out like am lost in there
Real world.. Fake people..i was working there
Thats a company shit but am still alone
Gettin very very scattered more like my home
Thoughts of you brought buried issues like a comb
Although we’re talking we’re not looking more like a phone
Though am black but the world still darkens me
Ofcos i don’t feel.. But they be feeling me
And ioan give shit less but it still does
And i be hanging out..welcome to the cross

If i realy had to go..tried to hold my step but i realy had to go
Travelled all way north.. But its still home
And look am feeling short.. But am full grown
Look.. Look its getting all beneath me
Looks like am getting on..nothing can limit me
They keep on calling names..what the ceremonies
Feeling so high homie nothing goes beyond me
Getting accepted impossible like food to the poor
Getting perfected am singing till we get to singapore
Being rejected..a shame homie hard to ignore

Staying up all night i feel my hands getting sore
No counselor..but i gat my word(ward)
And i be listing out things that i can’t afford
Time never stops to check on you
You gotta work..lately am getting higher mehnn i will never drop
They lookin at me.. I just turned a statue huh!
No shows but i just got the venues
Ioan make genes but i just turned a genius
What did i do..nothing serious
Clearly weather changes and so the cock crows
Is this the kid that they watched grow
Nothing’s permanent..table turns
You got a chance, you kill at once

Looking back and am scared if i let you go, baby
It keeps spinning like a mary-go ohh.. Letting you go, letting you go baby

And yes they keep watch..but i got the tower
They try to keep in touch..i’ve been in a coma
And i’ve been filled with words(wards) lately like i got a clinic
Life’s getting hotter than a beach so ioan go for picnics
Crazy world, where to go
We living and we never know
We came in and we never saw
If i have to kill for wealth am remaining poor
The memories getting stucked to me like my hair(heir)
But it aint gat an offspring..then it’d be fair
But i’ve been staying out the water mehn like a shore
I feel am barely coping errday ..salvadore
The dream of paradise turning to a coldplay
And though am still alive i feel like an old day
I should be televised i’ve been at it all day
Damn..i been at it allday

Go go go am so alone lone lone
Why you go far away i’ll be home all alone baby
Please don’t baby don’t leave me
Please don’t baby don’t leave
Please don’t baby don’t leave baby don’t go forever
Go forever.. I’ll be here with you
And am so sure that your shoulder here baby
I’ll be here for your shoulder here baby

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