Lyrics: Curdy – No Vex

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Verse 1
I was in the frontline like my job was a barber,
Put ma sh*t together and send it to alaba
Smoke too much thats why i spit fire
Pursuing my goals like a bad umpire
Rebuilding an army, these nig*as they envy
They feelin the man but rappas they many
To be f***in so high, we all drinking the henny
Am the only striker, ma whole team defending
Am the sh*t so i spray cologne
F**k liverpool i could walk alone
Like bees i no dey hear myself
They say am flashy i decorate myself


They must be vexing
Cos see their girls them dem dey here
See dia girls dem dey here
I say its one of those things
Cos its one of those things
I dey high o, no vex oh!
I dey high o, no vex oh!
I dey high, but u can go vex …go vex
I dey high o, no vex oh!
I dey high o, no vex oh!
I dey high o, no vex oh!
I dey high, but u can go vex oh
I dey high o, no vex oh!

Verse 2
I be working from dusk to dawn,
Sprained both wrists cos the punchlines on
They be looking at me, but they aint looking happy
They ball too short, that’s why they wearing khaki
My blood dey boil like my heart was a heater
Read too many scripts, mehn i should be a teacher
Brothers in aba(abba) this is like mama-mia
To my brothers in aba you go sell like mama-mia
You got a gun but ma chics’ the bomb
My hostel full, all your chics are dumb
You go to catholic, your chics’ a nun
Like the mother hen, grab all my chicks in one

(Repeat Chorus)

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