Lyrics: Curdy – Retweet My Blaze

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Badman you thief ma blaze…..
You thief ma blaze 4x

Oyah retweet am..
Retweet ma blaze 4x

Starting over starting over
This mary girl she dey make me wonder
She hover ma airspace we just wed no put asunder
We hover can’t explain we so sweet no tell ma mother
That ghetto fever still in the j… Senorita
That’s why i wrap her take off the shame am pleased to meet ya
No girl is better with you mary j no need for lisa
We’re ma style come from maybe tokyo
And am a beta lover maybe romeo
And i be saying watagwan from a stereo
But me no ziggy marley see the audio
You’re too hard start like lista
I the go j go look for visa
Each time i sleep i miss her
You paint me no monalisa
Bad man no kill her please just pass that serial killer
Ahhh please just pass that serial killer

Haters wanna copy mua i say free me man
Bad man from the south me no militant
Me on fire from nigeria to mexican
Me elhaji from your area to senegal
Bom bo clap mahn we’re 2 babylon
Where’s the yacht man we’re the pavilion
Me no send for your show mine is bullion
Me no want small money is zillion.
See the pages go my encomium
Whose ma lover of the year i call him
And they be fighting for the boy like petroleum
And we’re your clock mahn new millenium
See the assgo ooooh parabola
What your name we’re your from me ah oliver
Me ah watch your waist twist form a polymer
Me no bob on the ball do you zigima
I tell her sing kelly i be your dilemma
Me a sharp guy soon be on cinema
But me no chinese man be ma nikita
And we could make it all clear make it digital
Check check check check ma outfit
All hail curdy mehn is all cliq
They be asking how i knew men am pyschic
We’re ma nikita give ’em sidekick

Bad mahn retweet ma blaze

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