Lyrics: Curdy – Paulina

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If you no know, i know you know ohhh
This life we live, we reap and sow ohh
If you no know, i know you ohh
( i know you waiting for that faithful day for me to fail)

You forget how we dey, our tag team is more than tactics
You forget how we dey aay, na we dey run things, we no dey practice
I decided to say aay, when two stand them no dey plant(threes’) trees
O boy no mental, b’cos you sing you no be artist

Though i kind of obey aay.. I was talking so cheap(chip), you turn am to potato
I see like today, the matter don red we go turn am tomato
I no smile like my toothpaste, my nose bleed and my tooth aches
You too bad oh, boy too gbaski, girl toh bad oh!

(call)– oyah hold me paulina
(response) – hold me paulina
Dont mind them hold me paulina
(response) – hold me paulina

Verse 1:
Sure boy, mad high, am always so stoned like stephen
In the clinic, am short of words(wards) , sitting so close so close to mount simon
Am stealing the game, i got the best band, yeah bro you can call us the bandits
Am feeling insane, they say am not fly, yessboss see am not just a mantis
My delivery bad like the nipost
My networth bigger than your goalpost
Nice try , yeah you cant see me yeah you cant see me, walahi if you turn ghost
Expecting my day like a bridesmaid
I dig my cards well like a nice spade
Thats why am taking steps
B’cos of my jam am eating bread
I cant hold my breath like am closed to death
Dint know the rules i was to guess
You no fit to plant bro turn to pest
A matter of turns relay your best
Dont have a home yeah you turn to guest
Just to drink gulder turn to quest
Its checkmate bro turn to chess
Am the real man, man i manifest

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2:
I train well yet they want me to derail
No mind them no mind them
And i go smooth yet they want me to delay
No mind them no mind them
Me and my nigga nigga potter
He’s moulding the beat and its hotter
We on the grind like mortar
We go shine like sun(son) no daughter

I train well yet they want me to derail
No mind them no mind them
And i go smooth yet they want me to delay
Me and my n**ga from the bunker
We no dey sleep we work like hunters
When around now we go down, now we go down
So please hold your daughter

(Repeat chorus)

(Repeat verse 2)

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