Lyrics: D.R.E.A – Discovery

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This is my revolution and my vision

No magicians in my diction

All are fiction so get the picture

If you can’t here me e lo blow hear drums

This is my ambition and my mission

That the whole world fun mi ni recognition

Mo wa ninu boot mo san wo session

Nigga free me let me speak on

Mo wa ni gburo

I can hear dem scream my name

Won pe mi ni omo oro

Don’t even know what they are saying

Am a bad boy in this game

They call me DREA

Ehh ehh ehh

Listen to what I gotta say

Go tell them wipe mo ti de

Ologini is here

Acute ile e para mo

Or ke wabi sapamo

Abi kee fun mi ni alomo

Kin do omo yen ko ma lo mo

Like I did it to fatimoh

So ti ba ri eba mi moo

Ge ge getting to the club bitches wanna hold me

Bin pe emi ni olorun se gba fun ni industry

Niggas be sitting

Niggas be hating

They beefing my glory

Bo bo yen o le break e

Ko le make eeee

Gbo gbo yen ti di story

Coming frm the underground

This is my discovery

Don’t think I will eva be siiting singing recovery

Awon oba ko n wa to je

Won le je oba lo titi

If you think its a joke

E bere dada lowa scarcity

Aint gat clothes

Aint gat wears

Buh mo shin dress dada

Aint gat snickers

Aint gat gucci

Buh am still gonna wear parada

Aint gat money

Aint gat honey

Buh spend em dollars

In the latest hummer

What the fuck is hummer?

Get the fuck guy you suck

Orin eleyi yi ke ko ni ta

Adura yen ko le gba

Cos eyin ota e really matter

Orin eleyi won ti gba

Alaba gan ti ra

Omo ni mi

Mi n se omo

Emi ati osi we have nothing in common

Ti e ba wa

Mo fo yin pelu kan kan

Ma Who the fuck wanna go to a salon

Awon e mi pemi sylvester stalon

This is ma discovery I gat no worries.

Every time I sing dem sey I too funny discovery

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