Lyrics: Da Real One – Still Alive

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I am still alive cause I survive with time,

Still Arise

Still Breathing
Still Ticking

Still Living

The sky is my limit

Still Alive x2

Still Arise x2


I have spent half of my life in trouble, trying to put things through to no avail.

when I see no one to help me

but when I am about to find my feet I earn myself more foes to fight with.

My foes never make me feel any better, cause all they want is my downfall.

But I have sworn to God never to be led astray to sin more by a mere worthless fellow. Foes never spare me any grace, when they want me dead.

What sort of life is this when I gat no food on my dining table. I hate my life, each time I think of the old days and till now is not any better.

Of what use, crying over a spilled milk. All the years, a wasted years but I believe is gonna be well at the end of the day.

Behind a dark cloud, lies a silver lining.I have a hope,my trust in God.

Still Alive


But what have I done wrong to deserve all this naked hatred .

I know every man with his own foes, of what use will it be!

If you wish your own brother a real doom! please God bless my poor soul to do more better things among others.

Folks are not happy to see others success

but pretend to be sorry over others misfortunes,when they turn around rejoicing over you downfall.I am not gonna give up,if I were you

If I were you,I would rather pretend to be happy,if things go wrong.

I prefer this,I would rather die in the cause of struggle rather flee away from the source of trouble as a mere coward.Still I arise!


I take solace in God, each time, I go haywire!

When I see the street kids loafing around the street, with an empty stomach, just to get it filled up with a decomposed crump from the refuse dump.

They lay cold in the open space every sleeping night, they never have a home thy called theirs.

I shed tears for the poor masses that bear the brunt most,cause of the injustice among men.

Folks stick around the neighbourhood in the ghetto street just to survive hard time. My Mum never bred me up as a bad boy but bad time wanna turn me into one of them.But I thank God I survive the temptation,here I am now they wanna ruin my life cause all they want is my downfall for a rising son.

When I was no one toiling day and night to make things work out where this unknown enemies that emerged from nowhere to thwart my life.I will never give up till I breathe away the last air in my old lungs.Still alive

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