Lyrics: Danter, Gunzz, Blaqbonez, High M – Knife In The Cake

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Have been in the kitchen, i ain’t talking cutlery
On my fast 6 dom tryna catch letti
You could gym with my lines nigga cos the bars heavy,
Am rock steady, the rock of age am really rock ready.
You claim to be a hip-hop head
I cut it off , y’all can’t even lay hiphop’s bed
Wack rappers ama show you where hiphop bled
Same niggaz come around and say hiphop dead..ah
Murder you for free dispose you off at low cost
That’s low bucks, eat your green like locust
Am focused, but they slow me down like road blocks
I don’t mind they like pig farms — no cocks! Ha*
Lyrically am jack bauer,, (yeah)
Ask austin i gat the power (yeah)
The verse is sick doper by the hour
Forget about kendrick this is high power.
The industry like gomorrah and sodom
And. Y’all rappers are so dumb huhhhh
But even more are the critics
They on fuck with the physics
Am getting bored of the gimmicks
Ah!!! Izgaaju

Cash rules er’thing around me …
But i’m still broke though…. Gunz baby
Hot cake! You would have thought i just came out the oven now
Cos truthfully i’m the only person i’m loving now
Sing obituary songs for the times dey did me wrong..
16 carats of the kinda thoughts i’m bringing out
Lame angels i give this demons a hi five
Mix lemons on this muscles na that my power drive
I drive power,the sweetness ain’t getting sour, it’s ours by every hour.
That’s how it bees in my hive
I don’t need 5 white boys to be headed in one direction
All i see is cockroaches, i don’t see no opposition
I’m fishing visions so i could treat these delusions, finally thought i had the cure just to find out i wrote the wrong prescription
And i love this like fat kids love chocolate
Virgin mary on these bars, you would think i was immaculate
More deliveries than the synagogue
Been a sinner since, my sins would make satan go agog
But i’m for the lord so i’m moses to the people
Blue flame hot like the deserts in north mexico
Chasing these dreams could make you change
The game comes with a choice to put a tracker on lucifer’s vehicles

See imam victim of a fucked up economy where the government care less about the issues over-head like a canopy
Huh! A nation in a state of sodomy
And now you wondering why this sad sh*t shouldn’t bother me
I’ve been gone for a while, buh i assure y’all that am back again
They said i went commercial, buh i tell em its the price of fame
But if you dare me i swear to god ima murk ya
Your favorite rappers wouldn’t stand a chance with a god
As a little boy i was thought, only to speak the truth
So whenever i speak
I never have… To give a proof
No matter where i find myself
I be the voice of the youth
That’s all i think about, when i hold the mic locked in the booth
Huhn!! They say knowledge speaks
And wisdom listens
But most times their knowledge makes me laugh
Something like they eddie griffin
We put a knife on the cake and kill em with words
Stuck candies in their throat and make them choke on the barz
These useless rappers dissing over a list, are short-sighted,
I was dumb founded, a blogger pulled a stunt & y’all bought it
Same lame bloggers who’the post maheeda’s pictures for free and wizkids grammatical blunder
but still charge you for your sh*t
Sent my song to a blogger last quarter to post for me, i had no money, so i pleaded with him that i was upcoming
This boy’s bout to change the game
Like a storm.. Forthcoming..
Been prodigal for a while buh now i’m homecoming
Buh he said: ion care nigga you just gotta pay me
You’re not a celebrity, you still underground like haedes
In order to get me hits,
I got danter to draw gunzz from blaq’s waist and kill this beat!

Then i believe that the rap game, was the fast lane
With a mac aimed shooting for the top, with my black face
Nah i been here for four years
My dreams of a corvette, be dying as more stress
Be turning into more tears
More fears, bout me crashing out
So am spazing out, swallowing my pride with my lion mouth
I aint lying now
Aint it ironic?, i gat ‘pressing’ matters i really need to iron out!!
And i was driving and bumping beat with toolz
Few dope stations, i couldn’t pick and choose
So i listened through ghost came through and he was speaking truth
Like no rapper could make him shiver, yeah that’s really cool??
But he aint heard of this nigga!
The game’s big brother, i put the leash on a niggas (dellish)
Am like a guilotine, am pulling head out theses niggas
Suicidal, with a mac to hell, over killing these niggas!!
Damn! Mehn iont give a fuck about a rap list
Am tryna make a living off this rap shit
Y’all could. Bag em plaques and em headies
The fan confetti
While am sitting where the cash is

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