Lyrics: DaSuki – Bang ft. Mosa, Emeka Ojukwu

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This Boko Haram phenomenon started that like a joke
3yrs on its still got us by the throat
And we choke from this world made of smoke and fumes
The aftermath of Big Bangs is always homes in ruins
We first ran from Kano to Kaduna to Jos
Lets not even discuss the gross material loss
But now nowhere is safe, street home churches
Even Mosques get bombed in the middle of worship
Quick to shed their lives, quicker to shed blood
There’s no way we’re serving the same God
Destruction across the entire north
The cluelessness of those in charge tell of a higher loss
We’re at war but they’re too brain dead to see
Waiting for Another secession before they agree
But the poor have nowhere else to flee, before they ran
Now they just stay put and pray they don’t hear a “bang!”

70 virgins
Waiting on the other side
Dreaming of paradise
But then I realize
It’s going to break my family’s heart
When they hear the news…
Eyes bloodshot raw
Life was a misery
This is my way out
And they promised my good works
Will help my family
So suck it up and count from one to ten…

Bang, Bang, Bang,
Bang, Bang, Bang,
Bang Bang…

America just declared 14 northern states unsafe
For their citizens to habitate
And if I was Barack I’d do the same
Because those who run the biggest black nation are either lame
Or insane, its the only way you can see Naija burn
And say “terrorism’s a global issue it’s our turn”
I was in abj other day and that’s when I knew
That even our defence ministry is scared too!
Cos they blocked off all the roads to their office
A clear sign we’re on our own now the going is toughest
Scrambling to negotiate with the same creeps
Who murdered 40 secondary school kids in their sleep
Bombed countless public places, burned thousands alive
But what do they care, as long as they’re alive
The people are deprived, the leaders are depraved
And the bombs keep dropping from the demented and crazed

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