Lyrics: David Sean – Trapped Into You ft. Skilloh

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*Verse 1 (David Sean)*
Hey Baby no Rush
Nobi today wey I be Don dey Crush
I’m not trying to make you smile or Blush
I’m never gonna play you Diamond Rush
Bigi Boy MO wa Beefy Gan
I really want you, MO Greedy Gan
I’m just trying to make you Official
Like a Linesman, you’re Official
So I’m Pleading, follow me dey go
Telemi bii Esisi tii o RI egbo
Let’s get together I’ll show you love
Tonight together we gonna make Love
When we get to the Room Ama give you the D
I know I’m the D but I’m a give you the D
One night stand I’m gonna take the advantage
It’s my home girl so Omo na Rampage

Trapped Into YOU and I be Thinking
Baby be Mine, I am Pleading
For you I made this Trance, give me One chance
For you I made this Trance, just give me One chance
Would you let me take you Girl
Maybe just for one night
Would you let me take you Girl
Baby just for one Night

*Verse 2 (Skilloh)*
Yea! The time is right now
Looking all this while
I found the right one
Call me in the hour
You gat me all time
The way you do
Way you move
Worth the whole dime
Looking for the right one
Grateful I found one
All thousands like
Im gonna pay your ransom
I’ll take you places
You’ve never dreamt off
Runing after you
I’m the subway surf
Whispering in your ears
Gat me something I wanna tell you
All the bitches in the world
Not on your level
Scared of falling
Found out you not an evil
Don’t listen to competitors
They might call me the devil
Looking cool
Your smile so romantic
Lucky I gat you girl
You the real magic
I’ve been loving you long time like my ted
Our time wouldn’t be rough on the bed

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