Lyrics: Oji & Zuki – Day Dreaming ft. Darkz

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titles=Oji – DayDr3aming]

INtro (Zuki)

hello world

Oji turn the base up

Ok it comes up by itself

Just in the studio vibing with my nigga oji

Been a while we did this shit

Pro Inc DMGA

I go by Zuki


This the realest i ever felt

This the realest i ever wrote

Verse 1 (Zuki)

Snares on the kicks

fears on the defeat

i sucked so much you homie would think my life are tits

slave to the game i dont want to be free

lost my best friend fucking her friend life’s full of deceit

My role model was a man who never loved his kids

Trapped in a dawg but in my heart was sucked like a bitch

prayer like messages but seems (sims) God don’t receive

loyal to my mum the only woman who never quit

Oji and scream realest niggas i’d ever meet

Fake friends dont last long be like em snakes

Feel like i wrote this in my toilet high though

Coz im feeling my own shit

Fuck a blog dawg i do this for me

Pro Inc DMGA i do it for my team

Homie i dont care about the honours

so tell me who the fuck are you to judge me

A wise friend once told me a real man is one who admits his wrong deeds homie

Verse 2 (Darkz)

Im day dreaming

Im trying to chase it

they say the truth is ugly but i aint trying to face it

i got the world in my palm

im just trying to show the  whole world my heart

Like half of these guys just want to see me fall

The other half want to see me ball

yeah and that’s real shit

im real spit

tell them other bruvas you should know the deal bitch

life is what you make it im trying to make it work

and the world see me like im fucking alexander burke

that’s kind of funny innit

you never find another like me aint that some shit explain it

Tell them bitches id make it

Fast foward and tell them bitches  i made it

Verse 3(Oji)

I feel so soulful now mhen

Your food for thought my receipe

see they hating on me mhen id just let it be

If life’s a bitch is God her pimp?

Dont say its blasphemy homie coz that’s just what i think

Give you my pain but can you keep it safe?

i got a rendez vous with time im running late

Hungry for the fame but i still want my peace (piece) of mind

That’s why i put my soul in every goddamn line


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