Lyrics: DEFiN8 – What I’m Good At ft. Fragile

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(1- Fragile):
Look in my eyes,
say i’m one in a million
tell me that you love me, that’s the reason that we get it on
tell me why we fight, turn our hearts to the Armageddon
i need no cash, your word is what i’m banking on
But i was never good enough
i tried to look better but i was never cute enough
i tried to stop the friction, there was never lube enough
my soul was starving cos there was never food enough
No, heart broken, a couple of ribs too
A couple of fibs you told but i stayed true
Stayed through the worst of this
But the worst of this is
I’m done putting up with you
I kept hoping and hoping against hope
But i couldn’t cope so i’m taking my shit home
Now you all alone, i guess you’re free to ball alone
I’m find myself someone to love and call my own yeah

HOOK (N8):
Don’t walk out the door and shut me out
I know I act a fool but hear me out
Yea, I broke your trust and I broke your heart
Apology is the only thing I’m good at
I’m sorry for the times I made you cry
I’m sorry for the times I told you lies
Yeah I broke your trust and I broke your heart
Apology is the only thing I’m good at (3x)

( 2-Fragile):
You took me high like you’re a rapture
I wonder how you captured my emotions like a goddamn snapshot
Now its so wrong, yea we broke up
You stayed expressionless served like a passport
Why can’t you love me, why can’t you love me for me
Why can’t you love me for me/dont give me that bologna
Don’t tel me that you’re sorry that u never wanna hurt me
So Here’s a chance to prove yourself, love me
No you can’t cos is not not love
Not enough harmony not enough trust
Not enough togetherness not enough us
Not enough tolerance to carry each others cross
I think I’m done fighting, I’m goin back home
Take your shit back cos I gat my own
P.S I don’t need your B.S
This is a break, its over, recess

(Back to hook)

( 3 – Y.def montana )
I know sometimes I do things I aint suppose to do
Introduced you to some weird stuffs you aint used to
But please believe what I’m telling you
That I’m in my best mood when I’m holding you
It wasn’t part of my plan to be ignoring you
Hanging with em boys when I should have been calling you
Damn! It’s kind of crazy how we get the most
The ones you love are d ones u hurt the most
I tried to be the best that I can be I guess it was difficult for you to understand me
Reminiscing how I be calling u my candy
Girl I give anything for us to raise a family
I respect how u kept it real with me baby
Especially The way you played your position baby
But please let the bygones be bygones
Cos Now my vision is so dark even with the lights on

You know when its all said and done
I’m still the man that can ignite the flame in your heart
You can’t just turn me off like that.. Please believe

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