Lyrics: Demmy ft. Tallest & DJ Sean – Turn on the Light [a Future cover]

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titles=Demmy ft. Tallest & DJ Sean – Turn On The Light [a Future cover]]

D Mic Spirit

Verse 1 [Demmy] ===============


What a dark world we’re living in

See, no sun no moon

No good road, no light

Water gets so scarce, so bad

Omo yankee better ni ohun ti won pariwo

Everybody dying in the flood, bomb blast everywhere

Even in day and night, it’s a pity we won’t get what we want anytime, and even nowhere

See, the pain is coming like we’ve never dreamt of

A storm is wiping everything that we’ve worked for

The pain is killing than we ever thought

I think we only have to cry to God for solution

Say, we really need a solution

Say, we really – we really have to cry for solution

Chorus [2X] ===========

Turn on the light

We need a better place to stay

We need a better life, oh yeaaa

Verse 2 [Tallest] =================

There is a story I wanna tell about a beautiful home

A house full of love, that’s what I call a beautiful home

Wo ni ti ile ba’n toro, omo ale ibe ni ko ti dagba

Reason for my careless reaction towards awon agba oni ibaje

So many things going wrong, but they’re acting like they ain’t seeing nothing

That’s why I’m doing this to give hope and a little loving

It’s me, Demmy, Sean and Irich preaching love, but we ain’t preachers

That’s why I’m selling my love for this people, they ain’t buying

I’m telling them it’s so hard, but people keep on growing

We’re growing in pain, we’re growing in shame, but people ain’t sending

*sigh* — mehn, we really need some love here

Chorus [2X] ===========

Turn on the light

We need a better place to stay

We need a better life, oh yeaaa

Verse 3 [DJ Sean] =================

Turn on the light; We’re crying, we’re begging, cuz the future is bright

Notwithstanding, they keep lying, they reap off our rights

We the youths keep struggling with hearts so pure

Leaders, hear our plea cuz a change is for sure

Positivity surpasses inequality

Leading a false life amidst the reality

Wave your hands in the air, cuz the future’s here

Two wrongs never made a right, so turn on the light

Hook – Spoken Words [Demmy] ===========================

*sighs* – deep breath

We really need a better future, we need a better life

Flood taking over everywhere, anxiety of bomb blast up and down

People dying to virus, people dying day and night all to armed robbery

We’re talking to our fathers, we’re talking to our leaders

I think we need a brighter future

Let’s give the younger generation coming a brighter life

The only constant thing in life is “CHANGE”

So, let’s change – TURN ON THE LIGHT

Chorus [4X] ===========

Turn on the light

We need a better place to stay

We need a better life, oh yeaaa

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