Lyrics: DH – Tangible Dream ft. Kasie

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Baby I’m head over hills
Like the moon and the stars
Girl you”re my tangible dream

Verse 1
Baby I’m head over hills
You know how it feels
When you love some1
And that some1 Truly luvs you back
Makes you feel alright
Now I’m here to stay girl
Baby don’t fear
Ooh Wipe ur tear
Just like yesterday
Here we are today I’ll walk down the aisle
Oooh this year

Verse 2
Suddenly, She’s in love with me
You’re so lovely (my baibe)
See what you do to me
Its heavenly I want you to please
take my hand I want to you to know I love ya
I’ll Place no one above ya
Oh gimme ya gimme ya gimme ya gimme ya hand girl

Rap Verse
She’s always dressed 2 kill, no barbie shorty to real, she dey make me dey catch fever, my body dey weak I feel ill, she dey take me higher than mountains, girl you gat me head over hills/ girl my luv is real there’s no doubting, baby make I show you how I feel, cuz I know your friends they’ll be talking, but their talking no go change nothing, cuz they’re never there when we’re touching, when am giving u some sweet loving, girl your smile dey make me mellow, you dey make me K.O.L.O, girl I no go fit to let go, cuz your love is for free and not for sell oh.

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