Lyrics: Dharsaw – La Plate

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You already know
Jagunmolu. Dharsaw….you already know
Shabba records….you already know
Drew on the beat….you already know
Its the greatest ….you already know
Bawo lo shen lo already know
O sha mo…you already know
You already know

Mofe la plate
Mofe la plate
Awon omo ye ma ma ni kin ma prostrate
Kilo shey e
Kilo shey e
sho fe kin frustrate
Toripe mofe labo mofe la plate
Mofelabo mofelabo mofe la plate
Awon omo ye ma ma ni kin ma prostrate
Kilo shey e
Kilo shey e
sho fe kin frustrate
Toripe mofe labo mofe la plate
mofe labo mofe la plate
Awon omo ye ma ma ni kin ma prostrate
Kilo shey e
Kilo shey e
sho fe kin frustrate
Simply because, mo fe la plate

1st verse
I like girls, bere lowo YQ
Iwo lo fine ju that’s why I like you
No be wash, me I no dey sike you
Orisha gan fe mu e with the way I just they hide you
Lojo friday mo shere jade mo lo bash
pelu banky lawa bere sini search
Bi mo shey ri omo kan ton sheju simi
Mo bere sini boyin bi omoo jeleosinmi
Mo sope mofe la plate
But she naughty
Oni dharsaw mi o raye gbogbo story
Owo ni mo tasi won kin fenun fan malu
Ki shan shey baba e lo sign solomon kalou

(Repeat Chorus)

2nd verse
Mofe jade lo si club lojo saturday
Bim oshey ri bolaji omo mrs jakande
On gba hennesy o tun pop rose a
As a very big boy na me dey pay
Mowa ni bolaji jen gbe e lo le
Oni what rubbish did you just say
Mo se ila mose efo motun shey egunsi
Leyin to gba rosey o tun gba hennessey
O tun fe kin koko gbe e lo si elegushi
Lai shey pe diamond lo ko sinu pussy
Nitori tie moti sign gbogbo cheques
O tun fe kin la plate aha o dey fe reck mi

(Repeat Chorus)

3rd verse
Laro sunday around 5:30
Mo un bo lati club so oju mi ti doti
I was feeling high I was feeling very naughty
Mori omo ele kan o fine o jo butty
mosa re gbe sumo mo bere sini jabo
Straight to the point baby mo fe labo
I want to clean your plate after that I go clean my mouth
O ni kin koko san 9k sinu bank account
From there we can. Know what to talk about
Ashey olosho no mo pade ni round about
Mo n leku si o n lejo simi o ti yanyan
Kofun mi le ran je, oninpe malu ni booda

(Repeat Chorus)

You already know
Shabba records
Drew. Irunmole to fun eleha ni dogey
Jooor ooo

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