Lyrics: DJ Neptune – Open Letter (Cover) ft. Yung6ix

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Hey what’s up my nigga
Lets go
Dj neptune

Y’all didn’t get the picture
Please but get your zoom on
I’m on my 10th mill
Tell me what are you on
Starving for the success and i eat them up like a glutton
And my eyes red like the camera Clarence shoots on

It’s dj Neptune, yung6ix
And we bout to unleash
Game just started a mixtape
In case you don’t know, now you know
Cos we about to roll this tape
And tape rolling

Y’all gonna learn today….walai
If you go get a peep y’all go learn to pay…yes
Niggas claiming class when i’m yet to school ’em….what
Steady dropping shit
You would think the nigga stooling….stooling
Give me the time name and place and i show up up
In a place with niggas with no time to waste one shot you gone like a
Straight up in your waist mehn
They get you in the ace
Leave the place without a trace
Get you missing for days
Niggas would kill just for the fun of it…yes
And you don’t hit unless there is a nap in front of it….yes
I’m talking 100 million naira ransoms
Ugly thoughts cause their pockets really far from handsome
You on twitter focus on your mentions
I only roll with niggas who be focused on the mansions…big boi
I’m talking blueprints with 3 properties
Bring a stripper on the plan to give me proper strip tease
Used to push me away
Said i was interfering
Now they want us to get close like the ish i’m wearing
Guys dey copy my matter
But i’m too busy
I’m chatting with my maga….yes
Boys say me i dey para
And i go hard like muscle on viagra….that’s right

Y’all gon learn today…walai talai
Y’all gon learn today…that’s right
Y’all gon learn today
Y’all gon learn today…neptune
Y’all gon learn today…yung6ix
Y’all gon learn today…lets go

I’m being me cause i cant simply be you mehn
My flows are outta this world like they just ain’t you mehn
A.k.a i showed up from another planet
I became the best and i didn’t even plan it
South shout to dj neptune
Niggas claiming they the shit but i don’t see ’em in the restroom
Fly with everything you wish for: no broom
I’m still the best man: no groom….that’s right
They say time is money so i’m taking the time and the money
Cause 6 o’clock is the time and these bitches they horny
So they call me honey for the money
Not really used to giving fucks but certain bitches get it from me
And they see my account balance
And they claiming that they love me
See this bunch of hot girls claiming that they’ll never hurt me
Same girls that used to be slipping on me
Woke up this morning found one sleeping on me
I guess my life is changing
The way new girls looking at my swag is strange
She know i got the bread
She hoping i toast her
If you can’t see that i’m great bro, you need tb joshua

They blind to the fact my nigga

Y’all gon learn today
Y’all gon learn today…school them
Y’all gon learn today
Y’all gon learn today
Y’all gon learn today…walai
Y’all gon learn today…school them
Y’all gon learn today…walai
Y’all gon learn today

The game just started mehn
South shout to dj neptune eh
Let the roll in
You know the matter
Oya out

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  • Yung6ix
    U dey give me joy any time..going to heaven is my no 1 music evry morning when I wake-up…

    Jobs in nigeria September 4, 2013 8:20 am
  • Young 6ix every needs letter 6ix to make in it life like there number 6 working hard@ am praying hard this naija lyric pick my lyric 1 day and upload like young 6

    Moneymartin October 10, 2013 3:28 am
  • 6ix yhu re really trying. . . *thumbs up*

    itz_dgry October 14, 2013 12:12 pm
  • ‘and they dont kid unless there is a nap in front of em’

    correct dah line plz

    Jaypower October 25, 2016 9:33 pm

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