Lyrics: D’Mode – Sit Down There

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titles=dmode – Sit Down There]

Ooooo weeeeee
Its ur boy D’mode


If I paid for your champagne sitdown there, u don’t need to go nowhere
said I paid for ur champagne sitdown there u don’t need to go no where
oya climb on the table dance 4 me!
Yes you gotta dance 4 me
oya climb on the table shake body
yes yes u gast to shake body

1st verse-
1,2,3,4, 10 rozay bottles
U aint leaving here till we done popping bottles/
U go drink, u lerry till ur eyes turn puzzle
Shiny swag mo’tunes boiz we popping gold bottles
Ace of spade everywhere dts how we rolll
Make I give u gist about my parole
See I knw dis girl called mimi yeah
Lasgidi girl wiv a bb yeah
So I pinged her cum 2 d club 2nyt wiv a sister
But she brought her friend called linda
O moti b ninja “Who drank like ninja”. O fa gbogbo skrunjah “she smoked all d skrunjah”
Before I said her name she wasted
Dancing wiv no shoes like a misfit
azonto moves & she knew i was diggin it
Bt she ends up kissing d bouner
Omo yii ti yo all d fellas wanna grab her
Sat her down & she puked in her hand bag
Mo mo mo de so fun mixtures are dangerous omo yii o gbo ran
“Ko gboran” in d background!


2nd verse-
I paid for dat champagne sit down dere
Dance 4 me baby dnt care
Climb on d table komole
Choke on dis long thing no air
Fine girl me knw u a tease
Cum fe me yard take d island breeze
I treat u nice den ya owe me a kiss
Buy ya ice fe a make u freeze
Behave Dnt u get what I’m preaching
Dnt miss ur chance with a real G…real G
I ball so hard check ya tv u’ll see me
2 much cc B.k waxxy!
Sho jasi its dmode!
Superman swag lemmi b ur hero
You Take me high like we up in masha kilo
tele mi lole put my head on ur pillow yh


U see bants about dis song is- bare ajebutter girls in d clubs now b fronting
Drinking pass their limits! 10 bottles of rozay den dey vomiting, go home wiv a stranger/ kiss d bouncer/ cry in d toilet pele
Sister Watch ur limit dnt b silly b4 bad man show u strong tin!


Taba dele tan u gast to gum body taba dele tan u gast to gum body! Yeah

Rah! Its ur boy D’mode Semayo cc girls that don’t sit down there! Cholo I see you abruzzi mizzy! Mo’tunez rah
Its D’mode, Its D’mode

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