Lyrics: Doggext – That Kind Thing

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She dey feel the boy
You know that kind thing
She dey feel my runz
You know that kind thing
Omo yi dun gan
You know that kind thing

She go be my Caro
That kind thing
She dey feel my parole
That kind thing
Ayam lucky o
That kind thing

Ma je o jaaaaabole o
That kind thing × 3

You know who i be
Yen fi mi shere baybee
I’m talking to you
On fi mi shakor baybee
Always stay fly
I’m a very bad guy
Swagga mi banging
Very sharp guy
Gidi Boy Gang ni
I’m a Rapstar

You know how we flossing
Come thru and run things
Anytime we come in
You know we steady bossing
Omo gba be
Je ko ma lor be
Omoluabi ni mi
Mi o bor omo je
Jor ma ba won fidije bi Lola Idije
Gbogbo Big gehs
Bow down for my geh
She Kinging
She Banging
She slay on your geh

Versace loke
Louboutin saale
Kajor owo omo gan da wala le
Awon temi wan bere pe
Ki lo da le
Ah be telling y’all
I’m better than ya’ll
Aint no reason to
Beef with none o’ y’all
Ni nu game yi
Tabi lale yi
The way you are smiling
Fun mi le energy
Talk to me baybee
Lemme be your Baybee
O ya file be
Je ko ma lor be
Kissing and loving
You know you like that
I’m feeling your style
Feeling your swag
Snapping and posting so ri snapchat


If you don’t know us by now
Then you don’t know no people
Its your boy

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