Lyrics: Dokta Ren, Ima’Noel – Stay

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[Verse 1 – imAnoel]
Seen it all
Broke-ness and kingdom fall
Increase in crime rate niggas caught between the wall
I was young actually
Prolly among the few who understood agony
Battle me? See.. I’m not the type to lose it
I was raised in a wild town, around clowns with niggas that do bid
True shii.. got skills need me time & strength to prove it
Music? to me was all I ever wanted fuck skul bitch!!
Had to attend classes for the fuck of it..
While stuck on dis, whiling out time, underground, doing lotta shii
By the time I got my 1st job n my momma was sick
Got me struggling tryna raise funds to further her treatment
On the other side was my aunt she got a breast cancer
she’s four months pregnant heard the doctor sayin prayer is the answer
Buh The pains don’t stop
Where do I go from here..? Where do I stack that pay
Who’s gon sign that check? On my kneel praying God don’t let my aunt go!
No oo!
Get my Momma off that sick bed.. Pls God, I need her to stay!!

[Verse 2-Dokta Ren]
Am tired of counting ceilings every other night/
Tired of being tha one that’s puttin up a fight/
You only know tha value of good, if u can’t afford it/
Let’s make the moment, let’s make it happen/
Don’t leave me deserted, come on let’s make a grass/
Cover ur pains, put on a dress/
Let it hide and heal tha scars, its all in tha mind/
Greatness is honour, I tell u only when its defined/
Am still counting all my losses and its gettin boring/
Still hear the cries, yet am still ignoring/
Can’t face the man in the mirror cos he scares me/
Built my life in the centre made it all about me/
But am still down, stuck at the bottom/
Morality is lost, am trapped in a sodom/
So you shone the light to me and I saw my shadow/
So am asking right now would you please stay/

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