Lyrics: Don Fiasco – My Chic ft. C-Max, Lil B

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C-max: verse 1
Shorty am loving that gangster shit
Mammy am loving ur gangster shit
The way you drop it hot is like this
Loving what you are
Back the booty
Shake the booty
You know am loving it
Just do me
Don’t stop what you are doing
You gat it babe
You killing this playa
Its going down tonite
Ain No other girl gat it jumping like this
Smoking like
Baby this free style thing is up in my blood
Gat this body just feeling like what
Ain going home tonite
We taking it over
Me am loving your
Your booty gat me so feeling like
U know u gat a hustle so tight like
All nite
No body do be better babe
No body no body feel me better babe
You know what I gat for you is
Its a free style thing yeah!

How ever you what it
(yes my shorty)
She gat it
How ever you rolling
(If its big and)
She’s rolling
This girl she gbe gbe ti gbe gbe
Mo ni o gbe gbe ti gbe gbe
This shorty gbe gbe ti gbe gbe
Oh gbe gbe ti gbe gbe

Lil B: verse 2
My man bad my man good my man do stuffs dat ur nigga wouldn’t do. For instance your nigga can’t even be a man ,he a girl, he the type to be demanding every grand. My man be the type who don’t bang with your man. My man is a hustler that turns every grand to a bank.,sheeeht we got rolling ratata …and Yea we rolling hard wachu knw about that?

Verse 3: Don fiasco
Take a look inside my mind my chick is better she got good, step on stage believe that is my turn to shine platinum status, when u step on stage don fiasco is the don, we can take it to the street my chick is better, if u want beef we can take it to the street, don’t hate the player hate the game, if u want something from me I ain’t buying that whatever u selling I ain’t paying that, ur a hatter cus my chick is better if ur chick got ass my chick got stacks, don’t hate her she got all night. More of a story my chick got class she riding high crystal champaign that’s how we ball she got good independently bills paid on time bills paid on time, whatever she got she get what a certified chick I roll with, fly style hot style bentley rolls style, however u want it my chick got it good

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