Lyrics: Don K – You Know

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Its my life

its Engineer turned rapper
its the man Don-k
you now rocking with the don
its okay

Verse one:
Yo Its now or never
am about to blow the place up
those who sleeping on me
someone tell em bettera wake up
am talking real life but dem others
do the make up
yeah the top is mine
dey tryna steal it like jacob

catch me on d radio
rhyming styling
looking like a million
diamonds shinning
serial killer
i just have to be violent
coz with this titanium bars
am the hardest

hey listen
you aint messing with ma flow
young don hustle for money
me am all about ma dough
searching for the finer things
gold chains and diamond rings
hope ma dreams come alive before i
fall asleep again

you know what i mean uh
you know what i mean
Engineer turned rapper
am the dopest on the scene
and am the realest in existence
i just made a killing once again
and you’re a witness

oh naaa say you already know(so what you talk about)
ahha say you already know(so what you talk about)
so no dey form like say u know(so what you talk about)
no dey form like say u know

Verse two:
Don-k is the best don’t
let anyone deceive ya
when i come around these rappers
be getting seizures
haters wanna crucify me
like am jesus
but if ya make a move
click clack and i’ll delete ya

dem say i dey form
coz i dey feel myself
dem dem pray if i blow
make i kill myself
but all the stories that dey make up really
doesnt affect me
when i got dese gorgeous ladies who
just tryna impress me
for real

see dem bush boys tryna
judge me
number one player
mehn i must be
coz i could turn your girlfriend
into one your exes
i gat wat she needs nd also the right

am still reigning but
i would never fall
these fellas are castrated
coz they aint go no balls
am the mc who
runs the game
and i dey crase mehn
this is what you call insane

oh naaa say you already know
ahha say you already know
so no dey form like say u no know
no dey form like say u no know
haaa haaa{*2)

eeeeee ayyy

Docside on the mix now
its your boy Don-k na na
Engineer turned rapper i’ll
be killing them fellas na na

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Cant speak 4 myself

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