Lyrics: Dr. Foy – Loving Me ft. Phil Asaya

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I’ll fly away to a better place
Be strong today and watch the memories
Of yesterday as they fade to grey
Cos ‘ll be loving me
I’ll be loving me
Through my lives long journey
Hey hey hey 2ce
Cos I’ll be loving me

Rap 1.
There’s a tendency for us to have dependency on what our eyes can only see,I call it misery,some call it lack of faith,with words I’m only trying to state,its time to love and celebrate yourself,
Stop the hate.
Sometimes your up,
Sometimes your down,
Sometimes you be naira,sometimes your pounds
Sometimes your silence,sometimes your sound,
Sometimes your lost and don’t want to be found.
Walai,I no go fit lie,
Keep your heads up high,and love yourself die
If you rush the night,the sun go still shine,
Life is step by step,but love the extra mile.

Standing eyes fixed to a mirror
Showing me played picture

framed in my face from years past
Situations gripping hearts never deterring
Cause in all I keep hearing
Deep down within me sweet.
Words that to the bearer of this image it keeps inspiring
I’m more than
lust or failed visions demised
Pain sorrow lame limitations
Or cooked up stinking lies
I am more than what meets the eyes
A soul neatly and precisiously
Designed by the fingers of one who is ultimately divine
I am a success
I am perfectly blessed
I am more than a conqueror so I am limitless
With words that are both spirit and life

I am God’s son so we both are alike
His gene implanted in me so I’ll always act rite
Now If I am all that
so you are too

And if the world should be asking you… if you… you like
Tell them no
It’s more than that
Cause you’d be loving you for life

And that’s the fact
The benediction am out


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  • I like the combination. it's great.

    neofloetry January 2, 2015 3:31 pm

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