Lyrics: E.M.S – Up (Remix) ft. EU Smith

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[Intro: E.M.S] Alright alright (Na-uh)
Alright alright
So I be on tha high-tension wire
So, I be a little bit high right now
Smokin’ tha’ guff and ma Marijuana
I be right here with ma nigga, ‘EU SMITH’
And we just tryna make more money and be more richer
Get the bitches and fuck tha’ pussy

[Verse 1: E.M.S] Now make couple mo’
More money, put it right in my pocket
I be here smokin’ tha’ guff, niggas takin’ shit, I ain’t heard
Nigga, I’m goin’, goin’, just tryna make tha’ money
I be like, “God On The Mic”
I be like, spittin’ me tha’ fire
I be like, walkin’ through the hood
I be like, seein’ me tha’ bitch
I be like, “Wha’ the fuck is you doing?”
I be like, give me tha’ Mo’
Get the connect, Nigga, that ain’t easy
I be out and tha’ cool ma ni—shiy
Wha’ the fuck am I sayin’?
Oh no

[Bridge: E.M.S] Couple money (hey)
Make a couple Naira, ma nigga (hey)
Tryna get the Mo’, mo’fucker (no-oh)
Pray I’d live long ma nigga (aye)

[Chorus: EU SMITH] ‘Cause I be rep’in to the city (Yeah)
They tried to fuck my night up (Yeah)
‘Cause anytime I hold shit down (Yeaaah)
They tried to fuck my night up (Yeah)
I’d be rich and rich (Yeah)
They tried to fuck my night up (Yeah)
‘Cause anytime we weigh shit down (Yeaaah)
They tried to fuck our night up (Yeah)
I’d be rich and rich and rich

[Verse 2: E.M.S] Uh, tryna fuck ma night up (Yeah)
I be all in the club nigga got money in my pocket (Yeah) (Oh shiy)
E.M.S and that’s EU SMITH and we got it
Heading up to the top nigga, tryna make tha’ money boy
Where the niggas at? Where them bitches at? (Yeah)
Ion’t give a fuck wha’ they wanna say
Where ma Momma at? Where ma Daddy at? (Yeah)
I don’t know where the niggas at
Where ma Brother at? Where ma sister at? (Yeah)
Them niggas tryna fuck ma night up
‘Cause I just wanna make money
Shiy, fuck is you doin’?

[Outro: E.M.S] Money (aye)
Tryna make the money
Ma nigga (hey)

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