Lyrics: E.M.S – Am I Wrong? (Freestyle)

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So I be on tha high-tension wire
So, I be a little bit high right now
You know, smokin’ tha guff and my skunk
With my nigga, Senior, you know

[Hook 1] Bring it back, wah tha fuck is you sayin’, nigga?
Write it back, Nigga, wah tha fuck is you sayin’, Nigga?
Tell me, am I wrong
Smoke weed, am I wrong?
A little bit bitch, am I wrong?
You talk tha shit, am I wrong?
But I hit it down, uh

[Verse 1] Workin’ err’day for the MO
Workin’ err’day for the money, yeah, it’s, E.M.S
Yeah, I’m keepin’ it real like a Gangstar
Keepin’ it real like a Gee, yeah, it’s, E.M.S
I do it good, nigga, wah the fuck you sayin’?
Wah the fuck you gon do ’bout that, mo’fucker?
I smoke a little weed and I put it in my brain
It makes me feel so high, nigga
Write it back

[Bridge 1] Smoke tha shit, talk tha shit again
You do tha shit again, I be writin’ it back again
Write it down in my paper, my jotter, I put it down
Nigga, fuck is you sayin’?
The fuck is you sayin’, nigga

[Hook 2] Gettin’ ’em bitches, gettin’ ’em hoes
So tell me, am I wrong?
Get cheese, am I wrong?
My nigga, wah the fuck, am I wrong?
Oh shi
But I ain’t Jesus Christ, my nigga
I’m trynna make it up to the stars, my nigga, ya
It’s just me and my brain, my nigga
You know, I ain’t doin’ it bad, my nigga, mehn

[Verse 2] Just doin’ tha shit again with my nigga senior
Yeah, we doin’ it real
Got my nigga Freeman right here with me
Mo’fucker, wah the fuck you gon say ’bout that?
My nigga, Solobanta, we keepin’ it real
Smoke a little bit weed my nigga
I got it right in my hand, hm
I ain’t lyin’, it’s true, nigga

[Bridge 2] Oh shit, do it, do tha thing again
Write it back again, I’m back again, oh
Oh, I be writin’ it down in my jotter, my paper
Oh shi, wah the fuck is tha?

[Hook 3] So, gettin’ ’em bitches, gettin’ ’em hoes
Oh, tell me, am I wrong? Shi
Tell me, am I wrong? Uh
Oh shi, am I wrong?
Got my nigga, 3zzy right there, hm
Croc City, am I wrong?
Got my nigga, Victor right there
Back in Croc City, am I wrong? Na

[Verse 3] Shi nigga, got my nigga Babzy nigga, uh
I say to tha nigga
“My nigga, Sheddywizzy, err’day, right nigga?”
Oh damn
Tell me am I wrong?
Smoke a little weed, am I wrong? Oh no
Wah the fuck you gon say my nigga?
I ain’t payin’ attention, nigga

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