Lyrics: Eboy – N Word Remix

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Okay, okay, okay!!
Emenent Star boys wudup
East boy soldier baby
They call me Eboy
Big shout out to Ice prince Zamani n Don jazzy again

We don dey gather
All dem chicks nigga
Big butts hovering
Around d suits nigga
Blonde hair, nice and
Cutie tits nigga
So when I get high
I just straff a bitch nigga
Look around the globe
You know am dope nigga
Stipulating now,
It’s been my dream nigga
And now I fly around
And G6 is the jet nigga
Anytime and every time am balling
I left dem bitches confused nigga
Am picked high and am stacking high
And have got dem stackers
When I say picked high n am stacking
Talk ‘bout’ how I make d raw cash
California stuff got me holy now
Malasia boys the call me now
There’s too much on my box my nigga
My next trip might be……….walahi
You can’t f**k with my street nigga
Av got my goons with their triggers
They pull it rough nigga
Rip Dagrin much love to you bro nigga
It must all your prayers wey the make
Dem E G’s feel niggas
T-Turn up…….
I no dey joke
I no dey laugh nigga
It’s all about the papers
Am getting it loud nigga
Shey Na Gucci Versace
Av blessed my life nigga
The turning is too much
They say Eboy don the fraud nigga
Camouflage on my body
Am repping east boys soldier
Popping everyday my swag
Is kind of cool swinger
Life is a bitch buh
You can’t f**K my life neither
So when I see a hater
I don’t f**k with Steve triggers

Deep inside me hommy
I f**k with no snitch nigga
The story is prettier Cox
Eboy is now a rich nigga
And this days am picked high
And regarded nigga
I just got a new rank and
My profile’s been boasted nigga
Ooooooookay, now…
we don dey gather
All dem cheese nigga
Razz boys dem blow
A lot of tricks nigga
For Yaba to halla
call me real nigga
Commot am for Alaba
Dem para say Na deal nigga
T-Turn up…
I no dey chill with all this gold-diggers
24karats on my neck I keep dem gold diggers
My swag is so trendy am just like a cool jigal
And my team balling Atlantic Bendigo diggers
They say I bad say I dey cause storms
Haters parade my matter for customs
Dem don d hate dem don dey bite teeth
If u start hating motherf**ker
Go buy d cost stuffs
It’s obvious I just give dem swish nigga
Am on a jazzy beat still do biz with dem swizz niggas
Tear leather shit, we don’t buy dem keys nigga
We only push that whips that niggas never see nigga
And money I over see, am just d boss nigga
Broke niggas aint nofin but broke niggas
Dem claiming dem balling buh it just like d yoke nigga
Dem no see all d kilograms wey we d push nigga
Fly…. am rocking Versace with Ice prince
Motherf**kers hating on me please please
Psychic my home is rehab I no dey make sense
Am making many pretty dollars than I make cents
Dem say I bad say I dey cause storms
Haters parade my matter for customs
Making pretty dollars than I make cents
if u start hating mother**ker go buy d cost stuffs
go buy d cost stuffs…. Yuahh.
Hahahaha fitty I see yah Xris fitty on d mix baby..
Emenent star boys ….wud up!!!
Is all about d cash I bring it home back……..

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am a cool nigga


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