Lyrics: Eclipse – How Far Na

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titles=eclipse- how far na]


[Verse 1] It’s amazing when you make it and haters say that they like you
Chicks wey been dey form now turn around to chyke you
Same babes wey been dey underestimate my IQ
Back when I dey trek from oshodi to mile 2
Look: I got it locked no handcuffs
Here to save the game, black super hero Hancock
Teach em how to rap save data get it backed up
I school rappers in private and I aint talking Babcock
I’m too cocky for my pant size
They wanna take me down so they reaching for my blind side
Shawties catching feelings the moment I’m stepping outside
Sweep em off they feet and they falling like I’m a land slide
Heh, I’m a call that some whore shit
Stand up comedians but I can make em all sit
Married to the game with no prenup I don’t force it
And I’m a take half of the industry when I divorce it
Awon ele won bad gon
Gangsters keep a good knife and a bad gun
See me chilling with the stars I’m in Lag gon
They say rap be like craze I don mad gon
They call me the demigod: it’s your boy Eclipse; oshey

[Chorus] How far na, How far na, How far na, okay
How far na, How far na, How far na, okay
How far na, How far na, How far na, okay
How far na, How far na, How far na, okay

What’s poppin’ ma, oya as it’s on, let’s poppin’ sir
As some of you might have noticed this is not really a chorus
But we going in, and we going in

[Verse 2] I don’t talk to fools I waste not the energy
I killed the beat, this is just a eulogy
I’ve been here long enough there’s nothing you can do to me
Cuz in this rap game I’m clearly past puberty
I’ll probably quit rapping if I marry Amber Rose
But that will never happen so I’m sticking with the hoes
And haters got to talking from the moment I arose
And I really love em all and so I’ll probably send a rose
Though its rough when I ball but no be rugby
There aint no such thing as what it takes to touch me
All they try to do is go and copy paste and forge me
You can sue me if you like but only God can judge me
And I quit dealing with this haters like I used to
I let em take a shot for me I aint talking pistol
Now we making pounds no mortar or pestle
Son of a preacher this is my epistle
Baby I’m balling see the boy and you falling
Can’t send you sms when the money is calling
Quit sleeping on the bicycle stop with the dulling
Sorrow last for the night well tell them good morning

Oya na

[Chorus] How far na, How far na, How far na, okay
How far na, How far na, How far na, okay
How far na, How far na, How far na, okay
How far na, How far na, How far na, okay
Oshey, oya nau, hey oya

They call me the demigod; Eclipse! It is what it is
AbOriginal Music in the building, freestyle session
Shout out to Barzini, Ese Peters, that’s what it is, we the future
By the way: quick shout out to Tega, the man
What it is

I don’t want to leave the booth!!!

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