Lyrics: Eclipse – Icholia

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I be that pesin you dey yarn about the homie with the mic skills

Omo if you see the list of rappers wey I don kill

E long die but na the bar wey I dey find next

I’m just trying to get it on big shout out to Syn X

Oluwa change my story na I just wanna have the life

Before I enter Malay sell my two kidneys for half the price

Buy a couple polo tops make my mama follow chop

I know we made in Gods image but devil dey use photoshop

Now picture that, your destiny fit change for your eye nwanne e chor that?

E chor that? E, e cho kam gosi gi ife nile mere before that..

Battle after battle omo see as I dey murk dudes

From Fight Night to Hennessey VS Class I burn through

Jimmy Jatt’s a friends now M.I is my bros too

Now you want to join my crew nigga I don’t trust you

Pause first, calm down, make we talk first

Its nonsense if you aint working on an offset

My hard work? Got these people feeling upset

Cuz I’m getting more hits than Travis Barker’s drum set

YOU want it you got it but you gon have to pay the price

Its worse if it not it so you gon try to get it right

Be a thinker & a doer that’s the key to getting riches

Giving you food for thought & I expect you do the dishes

My turn? I stay killing with the mic on

My flow brings cash that’s something you can bank on

YOU say I’m getting famous, turning to an asshole

Did you really expect that I would be the same? Na so

Really busy now, o boy no be say I dey form pose

There’s money to be made & there’s hustle for me unfold

My time is not infinite, na manage I dey manage am

So If you no be my papa then talk to my manager

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