Lyrics: Eclipse – Now I’m Here

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Stared from Kaduna now i’m here
Ina gi ya maka che zen chu ubanka but these other wack rappers no dey hear
Hard times tried to screw me oluwa joor shano funmi erun be mi olorun I swear
Schooling in enugu mua pasa na nsukka maka akwukwo e kweghi banye.. chai
Aka the demi god I swear to God my blood they dey hot I’ll make it out this hustle in year
[Believe that]

I no fit to fall tell them say I gather put
And even if I trip sef at all at all na parachute
Watch it when you act the fool my temper meter don dey full
You won chop slap I go make sure say you belle full
I got bars for days I rip tracks I slay
Every single person who can take up the stand abi
They all fast and pray but they all passed away
The very moment when I held the mic in my hand abi
They say I too dey do like kanye west and jesse jagz
Because say I dey make the beat and on top am I still dey rap
The point is that im bad so take note in advance
Ime anyhow m’kwo gi ife tinka kuru pan
Look humble yourself you in the presence of a living legend
Heard the tales about me but did not believe the legend
Bout the notes and chords my vocal chords can hit
The flames of sort that my throat and guts can spit
God made me on a good day to be you rappers nightmare
Pay me my respect cuz I’m the person that you might fear
Way ahead the rest of em calculated in light years
I’m still kicking game with or without the Nike airs
I.Q too high you’ll die if you jump off it
Life is a movie but where’s the box office
Bars you can’t forfeit nah don’t force it
We deep in the game you scratching the top surface
[Started from Kaduna now im here]

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