Lyrics: Efos – Breads

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They think we nor go make am
India bread nor be beans
omo na rupee

time to hand over
time to discover
Who nor go nor know
Everyone wan blow
Nobody wan dull
Gotta stay indoor
I hear u outdoor 24/7 we dey hustle
Hoping for better day to come out of it
Broda man almost get fed up until a sister show up
Omo nor be who u bless u expect to bless u
See dis one na sure tin omo no long tin
A sister wish was to come n marry and dat was a broda man prayer
My fellows shout hallelujah oluwa pass devil
good things doesn’t comes easy
Lies prolong problems, truth set us free
Too much loyalty in the street dey bring see finish
No real love in the street everyone outta control
Even when u down some fellas still pray for your downfall
Everyday is a struggle
Forget all the beauty around u
The street is not humble so I just play along with it
And wait for what comes out of it
Stay out of trouble

Poverty nah disease
That shit doesn’t spread
It reside, precisely
I live it as it is,so when I take it in as oxygen
Then I give it out as carbon dioxide
Yo don’t be mad at me, I don pay my dues
haters keep on hating on me
I’m eating the fruit of my labor
So call it a favor, we all need some
Sum it together, I got a date with fame
I think dey need an update
Check your calendar I dey on my lane
Long story short money goes up for the crane
I’m over millions,chasing trillions
The young shall grow, the old will goes
I like it when they touch their toes
They love it when u hit the spot
They hate it when u be one minute man

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