Lyrics: Egbezi – Forward Minded ft. Space

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Raaa! (na na na na na na naaa!) Uhn!
Egbeeezi! (ya tell em wah goan.. aii)
Space! (al y’all dunno! say wa! raaa!)

Verse 1 [Egbezi Rapping]:

I’m so full of grace spitting hail mary flows/
them haters want me fall but I stay on my toes/
swear they want me to dull but I dey denge dey pose/
like I been stacking more dows/
like I been smacking them ho**/
(Uhn!)… guess I’m freaking bad right/
Came into game like a thief in the night/
and I’ve been killing these rappers and feeding on their ass like a saprophite/
Hold up son, that’s the same reason why you sweating me right?
But you never wanted me to reign
so now why you hating the fact that I shine son?/
Put a bullet in my brain
if you can’t tolerate that me getting my grind on/
With all the hate men I swear that the game is now gradually getting to my turn/
I’m shining even without a light on/
so bright u gon’ think diamond/
A mere tush awards and dynamix nominee
and niggas be hating bitterly like I done won me a grammy/
Most times i pause and wonder
If I’m the only dope a** rapper
from d street, in a medical field,
trynna rise to the peak without a label/
They so weak chasing their dreams
So they trynna crucify a gee
simply cos he refuses to quit
Buh fruck ’em quitting ain’t coded in my DNA
even if it’s me against the world I ain’t gon’ be afraid/


Like further mathematics
dummies wouldn’t understand me
yet they be talking trash like they know me/ (uhn!) men its my fate to be great
that’s y this bad mind dem hate
but me na follow dem relate
for me so:
forward minded (x3);
me na care wah dem say/
forward minded (x3)
me na care wah dem say.
(ah ah ehhh!)

Verse 2 [Egbezi Rapping]:

Some people not believing me,
they pro’ly ethist/
They be underating a gee,
but I bet with time they gon’ tell stories/
about the mothertwaring genius that wrote this/
And I’ll be patiently waiting (weighting) fruck excess calories/
(Raaa!) boy I’m so cocky
Can’t stand my attitude then u should drop me?
Cos I’d rather be hated for who I truly am
than to be loved by your fake a** for sh** that I ain’t/
Me so different, me should not be compared/
boy me no dey form celeb on top internet?
Though I keep it street,
but you don’t wanna mess with my intelligence/
If I say sh** then I mean sh**
b**ch I aint living in false pretence/

[Space Singing]:

So many things inna me life just like a game play/
Life is bitch people dem wanna skruse eh/
Forward minded: me na care what dem say/
Bo-clat people dem they can’t take the gee from me/

[Egbezi Rapping]:

Coming from the gutter; talking dirty from day one/
So please pardon my manner when I use the f word/
cos many a times I don’t wanna
but my body just wouldn’t allow me
as if he’s got a mind of its own…
like a virus infected computer/
So haters f*ck the 21st letter/
y’all praying for me to fail, but I’m afraid that i can’t do that/
imma die a fucking ruler
rest in peace to Yar’ Adua/
B**ch I don’t need a God father so long I’ve got me and God the father (ah!)
Shout out to my fans my friends and well wishers
and to the rest of y’all snakes and haters (well)
darkness cannot drive out darkness
that’s according to Martin luther
So gon’ hang y’all with success
for selling me out like Judas!

[Repeat Chorus Here]


(Raaaa!) Boy we gon’ keep pushing
pushing harder than pregnant women in labour/
In other words
we na stopping until you pay we mothertwaring money (Braaa!)

· · ·

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