Lyrics: Egbezi – #NotJustOk

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oya limpopo baby baby go limpopo I say go limpo…
I’m just messing with y’all men… Raaa!

Verse :
Rappers thought they were sick until I introduced my vaccine (Verse in)…
made their chord relax, then shock em up with vascular spasm /
that’s why they cannot flow cos I’m like a lump in their arteries /
inhibiting perfusion to their heart, lungs and larynx /
I never wanted to come in but the game was way too boring /
men it’s my birthday; I should be out there celebrating /
buh I ain’t going nowhere so better get used to it /
and if I’m a pain in your ass you better go use toilet /
Trynna lose cholesterol,
but haters still coming up with beef filled diet; trynna fuck up my health buh I eat em all /
And they say life is a test: I promise not to fail /
the street is looking up to me, it’s a must I prevail /
The main goal is to reach lives, buh at times I get so pissed by /
wackos dropping dem weak lines and somehow they still get picked by /
some of you as your favourite mc
because they in the spotlight; let’s see… maybe cos they stopped boarding taxi and posing with big rides /
Dropping elementary bars like I’m hotter than fire;
I’m going higher like Timaya and I’ve got more swagger;
see as I dey spend the naira…
danm nigga fruck that! that shit sounds like a toddler reciting twinkle little star /
Okay u’ve got swag, looking fly nigga no doubt /
with a couple dollars residing in your bank account /
buh this is hip hop and those sh** really won’t count if you not spitting dem dope bars or spitting your guts out /
True me na rich and famous like the homey praise /
but h**s which might be yours around me neck like necklace /
for me got the kinda trait that’s never been seen by the human race /
like some alien sh** nigga me outta space/
My flows are too exclusive, my songs are not just okay /
I meant to say that my songs are more than just okay /
You must be cra’y if you thinking because they don’t get posted there I don’t pose a threat
then you’re bout to get your greatest shock dose on earth /
Something like a bomb! that’s made up with some! bacterial virulent spores!
it doesn’t burn! it’s mode of action is just! simple inhalation of!
contaminated aerosol, but! very selective for the lungs! of mutha**cking haters wishing they could see me flop! /
Still on my bad boy sh** my nigga sean Jean /
Kile fe she funmi? kosi kan kan /
me dey feel like Dagrin; nigga pon pon! /
I swear you go wan fuck with me at the long run/

(Egbezi Singing)
At the long run, I swear you go wan fuck with me at the long run ay ( x2 ) /
At the long run…
You go wan f**k with me at the long run ay ( x2 ) /

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