Lyrics: Egbezi – Revolution

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Uhn! RSQ I got this…

Yo! first things first
this ain’t about the best
This ain’t for the labels or fans who wanna dance
this one’s for the street
this one’s for them hip hop heads
a cold and bloody rebellion against hip hop’s infidels

(Raaa!) The revolution
(Raaa!) inoculation
(Raaa!) I’m the inoculum while the game is the medium
here to end your wacky reign; put it on eternal oblivion
men I ain’t trynna be funny here, nigga this ain’t no nickelodeon

Pissed at you rappers saying shit that you ain’t capable of
preaching what you don’t practice all you do is fucking bluff
Soft like my girls butt, yet you be fronting like they tough
Cos you been watching a couple of gangsta movies you acting like you rough

Like hip hop is all about rocking hoodies blings and tims
rapping ’bout smoking weed or sagging your fake baggy jeans
lying ’bout owning guns and money y’all ain’t even seen
and then be proclaiming yourself a fucking king

Calling yourself a Lyricist
when you can’t write a vivid statement
about your music theme or title, boy you overrated
that shit you sending out don’t make no sense something like mtv without a V empty ( MT )

Your tittle is arrows your verse is talking about riffles
there’s no connection even though they be unlike poles
buh my line goes, way deep like the scriptures in the Bible
I wined and dined with the devil,
but he couldn’t eat up my nice soul

My last name should be Isaac cos I’m hip hop’s Newton ( new thing )
Radiating high intelligence but you some fluke shit
If I say that I’m the best it’ll be like there’s competition
so I say that I’m different, yeah I’m unique more like an icon

(Raaa!) I’m a rare breed
I’m the truth like an hybrid of Pac and slim shady
keeping it real and the same touching the street with some dope ass positive shit and still dropping them banging hits

But the only reason you believing you can fucking rap
is cos your listeners out there got no clue what rap is all about
Nigga fuck all the hype and the media behind your back
between me, you, and hip hop we all know that you wack

As for you wanna-be rappers claiming to be ill
this scientist is coming for y’all so y’all better chill
coming for your blood without blood bags and syringes
I’m coming to poison y’all with my toxin like C. perfrigens

(Uh!) Aint trynna be a famous Lyricist
fuck all the list shit, nigga I just kill beats
I’m a beast nigga
you’re sweet nigga
hallelujah I’ve got food to eat nigga (x3)

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