Lyrics: Egbezi – What If I Die Tonight?

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uh-on uh-on…
Wolexly turn my headphones on men…
gotta let this out… (hu!)

Verse 1:
What if I die tonight, what kind of picture would they paint/
would they say I was a devil’s agent or I was a saint/
would they say that I was very honest or that I was fake/
would they say I was the f***in’ realest or I was a snake/
Now to life time achievements; how would they rate it?/
would they base it on the wealth acquired or the lives inspired?/
and speaking of the former if i don’t make it, would they believe I’s on a selfless mission like Messiah?/
Nah! maybe they’d just spit on my grave/
or maybe sing hyms of praises and pretend that I was great/
maybe say that I was truly gifted or overrated
maybe wish they never hated or their heart wasn’t tainted/
tainted to acknowledge that my f***in’ existence/
and the fact that i chose to be different was just giving em arrhythmias/
cos I stay forward minded despite forces of repulsion
despite the trials and tribulation I face u think I don’t get stressed?
Damn! you ain’t got a clue men/
you out there judging someone whom you barely knew men/
wish you knew half the shit that he’s going through men/
buh I forgive you for u were just being human/

In case I die tonight…
what if I die tonight?…
Lord! before I die tonight…
I just hope that they see the light…

Verse 2:
Stirring at these walls reminiscing about my past/
and the rate at which ma loved ones are now going on a trans/
got me praying to God hoping that I’d be forgiven/
for the wrong deeds, bad choices and hearts that I’ve broken/
It wasn’t my intention I didn’t meant for none to happen/
I’m just an imperfect human playing the role that I was given/
me na begging for me life here my nigga, but at least
when I lose it I just hope my soul would be at peace/
Just the other day I lost my kid sister…
still cry at times even after two years later
in between those years I lost a very close nigga
and just yesterday I lost my girlfriend to cancer (shiii)
And right there at her funeral/
most of ’em crushing hoes who hated cos I dated her/
where the same cunning ones putting out all the drama
whipping like they loved her I swear to God I couldn’t stand it but f**k it!
I’m back home drowning myself in liquor/
writing ma f***in’ heart: with a pen & paper/
ain’t trynna get tweeps to follow me on twitter/
this just ma only way to deal with the pressure/

Chorus (×2)
In case I die tonight…
what if I die tonight?…
Lord! before I die tonight…
I just hope that they see the light…

Mom… I didn’t mean to do this buh…,
incase I die tonight I just want you to know that I love you…
my fans, family… including my haters
I love y’all…

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