Lyrics: EllySkillz – Try ft. DJ Limmz

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Ellyskillz: hahha wats up dj limmz its your man ellyskillz up on this
Let’s tell this fellas how it is you knw
YOU gotta try mehn
Anything you do you gotta try to succeed in life
Yea yea

Verse 1
Things aint the same
This pain is insane
Looking back as a kid whose tears remain
Talking crap saying shit like I’m a child of pain
Walking through a part unknown will I bring home shame
This is crazy

Why aint nobody looking like
He’s amazing
People saying crap like he aint never gonna make it can he take it? Going through different phases of changes
Will it change you while your changing
Will it make you smarter or harder or even louder
I come to figure out everytime I take a step further this world says never and my life tears out like some worthless paper
What would you do when your world’s like critics trying to find you
Tryna pull you back from what define you and no one’s there to hide you but mind you everything you do is for your own good weather you should or should not kill or steal you got your life to live
Look ellyskillz came
Ellyskillz seeks fame but ellyskillz insane till ellyskillz is gonna figure out what’s really ellyskillz bane
Imma walk through the pain
Walk through the shame and whenever I lost I shook hands like a man
Forget about the game focus on the cheddar

I’ll be sure to tell hiphop that really cos i’ll come with ma fist up break every brick walls
Won’t stop still you see me
Will breathe till you feel me
Will speak till you hear the story that I’m telling when I start making the cash you will think its margic like am merlin
I know I’m nobody
Nonody is perfect so m perfect y’all are tarnished
I’ll wnt stop making the noise till you can hear me
If hiphop writes a will I wanna claim it
Retain it
If my future depends on dreams then no one should fucking wake me yo

Chorus – DJ Limmz
All I try to do is survive and make it through the night God knows I try to make it
You can see it in my eyes
I wake up in the morning and all I can think of is how to make a Good living
I know there’s nothing left for me to do
Is to try….i’ll try(2ce) that is all I got right now is to try..

Verse 2 – Ellyskillz
My momma told me
Son you better wait
I say no momma
Really I gotta go
There’s something inside of me that I gotta show
I aint gonna stop
M going for the kill
No more playing no joking I suggest I move on stage
I’ll come with my best and niggaz with full courage
Imma top this
Imma try to win this
Duh top list is mine are you saying I should forfeit? Hell no

No ones gonna tell me what I can or can’t do
When its my fault i’ll deal like I really have to
Now y’all want me to back down like I never had a fight??
Imma cut y’all up like a fat dyke

They want a remote to ma life like a mad droid but my heart is so empty like a large void
I say they do hiphop they call it crap pop?
But I’m with duh sky and y’all just fuckin rain drops
Y’all maybe spiting bars since I was in diapers
Now y’all got dots on me like some fucking snipers
I’m so 7up cos I can fucking think clear

Now they want me to backdown

I’ll die 1st

I’ll light the world brighter than the sun can
Its a promise I made to my whole clan i’ll be spitting bars till really go pro
Duh darkness can’t try to stop my shine

To God be duh Glory
I can hear em call me
Even duh chicks that shawned and even ignored me
Now they see me
But they just so in the crowd right now just believe me
Success will bring the end of failure believe this
Keep on fighting for what is worth fighting
I got duh zeal and duh will of fire to go higher
Just like naruto i’ll never stop trying

(Repeat Chorus)

Dj limmz: all you have to do is try
All you gotta do is try
Cos that is all we’ve got right now
Is to try
Put your hands in mine
Together we will rise
Oh yea
Oh yea

Ellyskillz: all you gotta do is try
Whadup so

Shoutout to ma man T-twyne
Ma man devon
It is what it is you know
Peace people

· · ·

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  • Woow! I love the song and the lyrics is flawless! The guy sounds like eminem! Him try sha!

    Femosky September 10, 2013 12:02 am
  • confirm!! ellyskillz upcoming naija best rapper! nice one man!

    bele swaggs September 10, 2013 5:38 am
  • This is one of the best lyrics I’ve heard in a long time! The fun was there, the wordplay was flawleSs, the production wasn’t that good but the song was awesome all together!

    jesse September 18, 2013 4:44 am
  • cool cool cool…. my momma told me son you better wait,him dey form eminem sha

    tosin January 21, 2015 4:24 pm

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