Lyrics: Emnsmol – Out of this World ft Bangin

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Oto ko gberaga, oto ko do shakara
Oto ko ma gara, duro na jen bere gangan
Se abiamo lo bi eh, oni jaamo
Bodeh jee mami water… Jaamo
But all I know be say(3x)
Girlee your out of this world (3x) baby…

Toh bad o, I gat too much cash in my bag o
I gat too much rhymes like piano…
And you know that I’m one of a kind ooo…
Emnsmol ain’t stopping it baby
Your swag on point ma lady
I wanna drive you wide like crazy
Cuz you gat those ass like Nikki

The way that you dancing tonight
You making me go so outta my mind
Excuse me ma lemme take you on a ride
Lemme own you tonight…
Lemme blow out your minds
No long thing I’m checking on my swatch
Just a 1 night thing we not going down to church
You know that you bright and you fine in those cloths
I wanna snap you on my blackberry torch
Cuz you know that I want you baby…
You fine I swear you crazy…

The way you whine down ma baby
Pull off that bumper baby
What you gat you know its so crazy
And you know that you driving me crazy…
Cuz you fine, one of a kind
The thing that you do you blow ma mind
The way that you dance you gat me on check
And I wish I could spend this time…
You know…other girls know say you got level
You fly but they crash like belview
This feeling I dey feel na heaven
Oh girl you bad… You the devil
The way that you dancing that disco
You like you from potorico
Other girls so old like jerico
But your sweet you ajinomoto

Among all this girls I say na you fine pass
Girl I no go mind if you throw me some pass…
You gat me feeling fly, oh ma baby girl you bad ooo…

(Chorus till fade)

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