Lyrics: Ernessey – 1st Lady Witch

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(Bae remember the times we had to trek long distances to lectures with concussion rice in your bag cos’ we no Fit buy lunch) suffer of life
(How do you cope on the road) crazy boo

I see hoes everywhere i dey go
Oloshos upon oloshos, everywhere i dey go
The same chicks wey bin yimu simi
Na the same chicks wey wan gimme gimme

When we dey hostel dey drink garri, where dem dey? 2x
You ma 1st lady yea, ma 1st lady yea
Now am flying Presidential
You be ma 1st lady witch

Hmmm, [sings in zubies]mihikuwoli payatchr, mayabo pho chicken head tryna gimme head
Beautiful girls from all over the world, on d road am used to models
But at home am used to a goddess
Behind every successful man yea… You the reason why am looking back
My Versace queen, gucci bride
These hoes aint loyal, so when they say ‘baby i love ya’
All i see is pussycat

-hook 2-
Wen we dey hostel dey drink garri , where them dey? 2x
You were ma 1st lady then, you are Still ma 1st lady oooh
Now i am flying Presidential, you ma 1st lady witch

You th shit poopoos,the Only one I call booboos, you make ma cock cookoorookoos,
You gave cupid the power 2 shoot Zeus,even sango wanna do or die
Dbanj comited suicide when he realized you make gods fall in love,from above is your borders
Regardless that you are a goddess, you still stooped low to the form of an Angel to guard us, damn
Ma 1st lady, a boss lady, ma Mercedes 2 Porsche lady, ma purse-waiting-2-splurge lady
We discus babies like best friends But we worst enemies,(how boo?) Chill let me explain this
See , you the Only one rich enough to afford ma anger
The flyest witch on ma hanger
Ma Christmas so I bang’er (that’s dope)
I’m sorry for the Conflicts
We went from Garri to cornflakes (Aww baby mi)
till the money went from many to countless
Sacrifices u made for me,countless (com here )
So as far am king, her royal flynes will never be crown-less, i vow this

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