Lyrics: Ex-O – Close to You ft. Yung XP

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Verse 1:
you’ve been hurt many times baby
And your pillow is wet with your tears i recall
You’re locked in the room & there’s no one to call and no one to help you smile
I feel your pain baby
I know the burden you carry inside
Every night you’re crying
I just wanna be the man to take it all away.

I just wanna be close to you baby
I just wanna be close to you girl
I just wanna be close to you baby
I just wanna be the one that you call wen you’re lonely girl

Verse 2:
You don’t have to be surprised baby
Yes i know that you don’t know my name but in time
I wanna relieve and heal you with words that will comfort your heart
So come take my hand we can run away to a place where the sun never sets
We could stay forever
Just you and me we can build our dream girl

Chorus (x2)..

I wanna be close lf its possible i wanna be with you in your clothes
Close like the grave and a rose
But we’re alive haters oppose with chit chat
Talking bout things dey don’t know but i wanna be close like you and your shadow
If flow is a boat den your love makes me paddle
We fit each other like the hand to a bangle
Love is blind so hate is all dey see but
All i see is you and i want you here with me
Pick a destination and we can flee
Please be the misses of this gee
And a gentleman is what i mean
Cos close to you, i wanna be
And i hope this wanna be will end up a gonna be

Chorus (till fade)…….

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