Lyrics: F.Shaw – Slow Down ft. Mr. Brown

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Verse 1 (F.SHAW)
Yea…I’m on that detox…fine women…Uhh
Black lingerie and fine linen…
Red bottoms…10 women, 2 nights, alcohol and 10 condoms..
Is this life? No!
You’re a good girl…I’m a pretty beast…its a cold world…
Get away from a bloodsucker and stay on your mark…
Cuz ain’t no telling what I’d turn to when its dark…

Chorus (1x)

This is another love song…slow down…slow down

Verse 2 (MR. BROWN)
We could have a honeymoon at the backyard…
All it takes is me and you…
And I’ll be loving you at the front yard baby…say my name I’ll say yours too…
We could pretend we’re cruising on a highway…160 with no regrets…babe
Shifting gears, crossing over to the speedway baby
No one’s asking are we there yet? …

Chorus (2x)
This is another love song…slow down…slow down
This is another love song…slow down…slow down

Verse 3 (F.SHAW)

I could write you a love song and you’d believe it
But the thing is, most love songs weren’t necessarily written by people in love…
Can you believe it?

Uuh…don’t get carried away…
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want you to stay
In your embrace girl I find peace…can we take it slow?
Get to know each other better, let these feelings grow?
See for me its just music, for you it is real
But if music is life, then I feel what you feel
Tongue kissing, touching, strawberries between your legs…
We’re on that number 1 sex…
Sweat dripping, toes curling, legs shaking…
Bet the neighbors know my name with all that lovemaking…
Before we hit that climax, you should open your eyes
We got to live while we’re young but its only a song…slow down!

Chorus till fade…

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