Lyrics: Fecko – Hustle Over Feelings

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Lyrics to Hustle Over Feelings by Fecko

Eyo Teck, this beat is mad!…

Nnanne put in work now, love later
Chequebooks over love letters
Emotion is a heartbreaker
Feelings sucks can’t date her
I’d rather fuck with money
Better pay me what you owe me
When it’s time for biz no homies
Please stop acting like you know me
You’re a phoney, if the money goes, will the honey stay?
Shawties aint loyal, sharp sharp bae go relocate
Well adim okay with my family I don’t need no fake
Groupie love to feel am great
God’s got me he’s awake
Dear mama, you’ll definitely build your dream school
That vision of yours gon come through
Should buy you a car and house too
I’m thankful, to my gees who gat my back too
the pepper go rest, not fruits
I’m talking owo and how soon?
I dunno, but in due time this hustle’s gonna pay off
e sure me die I’ll win like psychic wey dey play whot
so when you play HOF biko do the king kunta dance
hustle over feelings is the new movement now

Hustle, hustle, Hustle over Feelings (3x)
See we grindin’ err’day till the mullah touch ceiling

I rap and sing, got my short film, graphic artist, agriculturist, limitless gee
I don’t blow trees but am dope gee, in the zone fam, hmm, I dey flow sick
this goal getter needs more cheddah not a slow fella wey dey sip codeine
young veteran ask terry am relevant nigga look I be OG
underground for 10 years in this game guy no be beans
reinvented myself I gats blow by any means
even if it means going boko boko on you niggaz
By B.O.K.O I mean Bent On Knocking Out you fake wizards
wey dey claim fly whereas all you got is broomstick
It’s stupid this industry got politricks and bullshit
no cash no love, lucrative though corrupt
if everybody be boss then who’s putting in work?
whether you’re a dope rhymer, blow grammar
if you don’t work you won’t hammer
hustle beats skill if skill doesn’t hustle no time “ahhh”
erm had to do that shoki adlib
na only rhyming una send, who do you care if am deep? Huh?


Hustle, hustle, Hustle over Feelings (3x)
See we grindin’ err’day till the mullah touch ceiling

Invest in your dreams keep up the grind you gon’ shine later
wetin you need na drive not pulp to make that paper
if no be biz no vex nigga we go chat later
music’s my grind not a hobby don’t do favours
no more freebies value my worth
paid my dues the journey’s been rough
rocked the charts guy no be bluff
climbing on my way to the top
picture this game like everest
to reach the peak, never rest
on this quest might step on some toes pele incase if you later vex
Oba don’t drown this ibi boy if he ends up running gidi, really
Wanna be GOAT..Greatest Of All Time..I aint talking Billy
Wanna see my team winning
Like watching the EPL innit?
Disturbing Africa ma nigga, like 60 seconds I mean it (a minute)

Hustle, hustle, Hustle over Feelings (3x)
See we grindin’ err’day till the mullah touch ceiling

Yeah, and it’s a wrap! Eyo Paragunn Blao I see you my nigga.
Teck-Zilla, dope beat fam! Wooah!
Fecko, leghooo!
Support now or famz later! Hustle over feelings! That’s wussup! And we’re out!

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