Lyrics: FIF – Light It Up

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[Hook] Light it up when I come through x3
I just wanna be one of the illest in the game, imma
Light it up when I come through x3
I just wanna be one of the illest in the game, imma

[Verse 1] First point of order, let me say this out the gate, man
Don’t make me a standard, all I simply got is faith, man
Dudes say they balling so I’m asking “What’s the game plan?”
Think I’m playing?
Let me explain why we came, fam!
Light it up, Satellite
Had enough of those dark nights
I really wanna ball
But I really got a calling:
Bring truth and shine the light
Flow cold, Rap tight
So, so, you better act right
Better strap in and hang tight
’Cause I’m so drunk
That I can’t drive
And no
It’s not what you think
I’m high enough, I don’t want your drink
Fired up, that boy redeemed
Wired up, and I roll with kings
I’m all in
A little out of place and
Imma get up in your face and
Let’s begin, imma really give it what it takes
Till I’m done here, really
This ain’t role playing, silly!

[Verse 2] Mo wole, Mo tana
I step in, you gotta turn up
That nice flavour, like lightsabers, I light flames when I soro
First of all,
Gimme a second let me drop this coat
Really I reckon I gotta rock this boat
Ready to get ’em you can’t stop me, no
And I promise nothing won’t drop me low
Oh no son
I transform like Voltron
Caption when I pose once
My arm strong ’cause I know God!
Now hand me the microphone
Ride along with the beat
I’m right at home
Let me take a seat
Pick your phone up, put a call through and put me on speakerphone
Now listen when I speak:
Light should invade the darkness
Not run away, fearing corruption
I’m on the way, from my department
I’m unafraid, I feel like a Loch Ness
Bring out your monsters
They were made for consumption
So make no mistake
When I say I ate em then I really ate em
So stop with the lies, man, I really hate it
When people be claiming what they really ain’t
Get with the program, what’s with the wait?
Stuck on that high? Rehabilitate
I am the light, Illuminate!

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