Lyrics: Frantzy – Sincere Bars ft LekeLee

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Verse 1
Frantzy ati LekeLee
Nobe say I dey joke
No be say we dey joke tell em

oma’n dunmi gan walai oma’n pain me
Aimoye free shows ti won kin pay me
Aimo ye shows timoti perform pelu slippers
Kosowo bata rubber debi tima afford snikers

Owo yen olohun ajoma nini
Music is all I do miole jale bi anini
Money power respect olohun emi gan need ee
All man for him sef koseyon tofe feed ee

Awon stars nikan lon gbadun
Koye koma jebe
Owo industry yen my nigga
Ajoma jenbe

Am paying a lot of bills
But I no dey see shi shi
Oluwa bless mi kofunmi lowon kishi

Enikan advice me onipe kinlo dongbon si
Mosarey sarey lole baba lawo motun fun lowosi
Baba lawo gbefa kale
Onipe kinlo lokomi
Moni korogba lenu yin baba
Bawo mashey Lokomi
Nigbatinba lo lokomi
Bawo moshey fe lowo mi

See my time go soon come
Oshin masturbate ni
Eyin ten foju pami re nor le shi ma rate mi
Oloriburuku mama tepo salami
Eminikan nimoni emabami je salami
Odaju niwon aimoyegba lokalami

Wonti romi pin won rope mini blow mo
Bi koriko toda acid si woni mini grow mo
Thank God Man no be God God no be man oo
We killing it everyday me I no dey dull oo

Moti rap rap…
Moti sing sing…
Mo’n fast fast motun flip flip…
Mobinu lowo mon paragan…
Awon stars yen won’man kalagan…
wonkin gbadura keyan doke…
Irolepa moma doke…
owo yen emi gan ma jenbe…
Teba shey werey ema jese…
Mofe koja oya egbese…
Mofe koja oya egbese…
Frantzy oya wapari ise yen

Verse 2
Ain’t Tryna Take ‘Shots’ I prefer doing the ‘Slamdunk’
buh realistically most of ya’ll dopeheads lack the Vision
you speak and you spit your worthless bars
how can your commercialized bars be referred to as dope bars??
watch me change the ‘game’ tho am still in my ‘dressing room’
saden all these rappers,sort of like leave them in a state of Gloom
pure hip-hop buh I knw am gon Come UP
i aint ‘below ma bitch’ so how the hell did I ‘Cum Up’
LICK MY ANUS, dahz the only way you’ll SPIT SHIT
You claim to be a dope head wen u steady dropping Wack Shit
Guess What, I think your time is UP
You should sign up for ‘fear factor’ with the way u ‘bitting slug
Because… Frantzy Is Here To Murder Those Rappers That Claim To Be Best and First to Others, Damn! Am here to slaughter

Born to be Great, i was born to be on this my fucking Grind
like a ‘Cuban Bracelet’ i was solely made to fucken SHINE
this my story’s got a Genesis Though
Used to be wack, even wonder how i ended up Dope
Used to perform at shows,then,i wouldnt even get Paid
no money for clothes, non of my pockets even get Weight
some were like ‘Frantzy Fanon, Rap isnt a cool stuff’
go and sing a song if u really want some cool Stuff
i ignored and i kept on pushing On
like a ‘foetus’ in a ‘woman’s Womb’ I kept KICKING On
no Vasaline, all i need is a ‘Match and a Gasoline’ to flame up these Wackoes or inculcate some Discipline
they’re claiming ‘Sick’ wen thier treatment na ‘Bed Rest’
i’ll make them all ‘shiver’ lk they going for an ‘aids test’
my niggas and I, we tryna keep the game ReaL
we aint like dose dudes going commercial just to pay Bills
now they’re all scared of me cause i am a Conqueror
and I ‘sleep on bars’ like am ‘passed out on alcohol’
you a rival??? Am gon kick you off the Game
like am ‘yanking on ur sweater’ ama pull your Card Again (Cardigan)
so watch me set hurdles to your set goals and to your fucken dreams i’ll fix in loop holes and Once Again
I’ll leave you wackoes falling
i’ll leave your flesh crawling
I can see it in your eyes, u’re scared of how ahm outrhyming
no ‘blackberry’ buh am still the ‘bold one’
ma niggas aint happy, Na the Green we just won step On
You tink you super menhh
You’ll be acting like ‘superman’
buh like ‘Kryptonite’ i scare ‘Superman’ So who’s Super Menhhh??


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